Using Culinary Herbs To Boost Flavor

Organic seasonings, including bulk herbs, are the good cook's choice for great tasting dishes. Organic spices are used to season all manner of dishes found in every cuisine of the world.

Greek Cuisine

Greek dishes from the sunny Mediterranean include foods that utilize lamb, olives, pungent cheeses, and red wines. These foods, with their own distinctive flavors, can be complemented by equally assertive culinary herbs that can stand up to the job. Oregano is one of several organic seasonings used in Greek dishes. Black pepper and grated lemon rind are used to flavor meze appetizers, meats, poultry, and vegetable dishes such as succulent moussaka, a wonderful eggplant dish.

Italian Cuisine

Italian foods often utilize the wonderful tomatoes and sweet Italian frying peppers grown in the region. Tomatoes in savory dishes and in rich marinara sauces call out for a partnership with garlic. Garlic is one of the organic spices that can come in a dried powder form that spreads evenly throughout a dish such as a dip or a sauce, and works well in these types of cooking situations.

Southern United States Cuisine

The South is justifiably famous for its Cajun cuisine. Hot and spicy, it utilizes all of the flavor that comes from Cajun seasonings such as hot peppers, file, and other peppers such as cayenne, white and black. Gumbo, a spicy shrimp and sausage dish that is traditionally served over rice, cries out for all of the above to bring it to maximum flavor perfection. Cajun seasonings are available in blends so that all you need is a pinch--or several--from one container, rather than having to mix your own. Two peppers, cayenne, salt, garlic, onion and paprika all go in, and in concert create the mouth-watering goodness that is the hallmark of Cajun cuisine.

Pacific Northwest Cuisine

When you think about the "left" coast, you usually associate it with its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The ocean and the wonderful, mild weather in this locale does have an impact on the types of foods that you would find in this gorgeous area, including all sorts of fish, oysters and clams, Dungeness crabs, beautiful berries, apples and stone fruit like nectarines and cherries. Keeping a variety of culinary herbs on hand to flavor all of these types of foods is the answer to great meals. Bulk herbs and spices are the answer for the busy cook who does not want to run out of vanilla extract when in the middle of making a fruit crisp, or savory culinary herbs that make a fish or clam chowder a memorable meal. Appropriate culinary herbs are the cooks simple answer for great tasting food, no matter what the cuisine.

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