Kids Party Drinks and Punch: Recipes and Ideas

When you are planning the menu for your child’s party, it is important to remember that the drinks are just as important as the food. If the party is held on a hot summer day you want a cooling beverage and if it's during the winter something warming is called for.

The choices you make should be related to the age of the children who will be attending the event. Although, you will find that many beverages are suitable for any age group.

If you will be serving an older crowd, consider non-alcoholic versions of drinks such as piña colada’s and flavored daiquiris, such as strawberry. These can easily be made without the addition of alcohol. You have the option of buying the ‘pre-mixed’ drink mix or making them from scratch. Give them different names than the alcoholic version so when they tell their parents about the party they won't mention they had marguerites but lime slushies.

Fruit smoothies are a good option and can be made ahead. An easy to remember recipe is a half gallon of juice to one large container of yogurt and ½ pound of fruit. Add ingredients in batches and blend well. Store refrigerated until party time, then shake well before serving. You could garnish each glass with a slice of the fruit you used in the smoothie.

If you have your heart set on serving punch, there are thousands of recipes to choose from. If you are expecting a crowd, serving punch is very economical. The following recipe for ‘Banana Party Punch’ is a refreshing change from traditional red fruit punch. (Makes approximately 30 servings.)

4 cups sugar
6 cups water
5 mashed bananas
1 can frozen orange juice
1 can frozen lemonade
1 can pineapple juice
2 quarts 7-Up soda (should be room temperature)

- Boil water and sugar for three minutes. Let cool.
- Mix juices, following the instructions on each can.
- Mix together the bananas and all of the prepared juices. Add sugar and water mixture. Freeze.
- To serve: thaw punch for two to three hours. Slowly add 7-UP. This punch is best served when it is still slushy.

Any punch can be kept cold with a decorative ice mold. Fill a small bowl with about an inch of water then freeze. Place a few lemon or lime slices on the frozen layer and cover with another inch of water. Repeat until the bowl is full. Add to the punch when serving as the ice bowl melts it releases the lemon and lime slices into the punch.

For a cold day serve a warm punch. Use apple juice as the base or green tea. Heat to nearly boiling. Add sliced lemons, oranges, cloves and cinnamon sticks. Strain before serving.

And of course there is the old standby of hot chocolate. If your party guests are at least grade school age consider a hot chocolate beverage bar. Fill a Styrofoam cup about two thirds full of your favorite hot chocolate. Offer an array of condiments for the guests to add themselves such as mini marshmallows, small peppermint candy canes, chocolate chips, fresh raspberries, orange slices, caramel ice cream topping and of course whipped topping.

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