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If the pilgrims of the Mayflower could see us today, I think they would be proud of their descendants. Thanksgiving is a time of family and food, two things to be thankful for, even in the modern world. Even though making a good dinner is only a small part of this important holiday, it is big part of the fun. Usually most families meet at one of their relative's house, make a turkey dinner complete with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, greens, finishing it off with pumpkin pie. This is the menu that everyone expects. However, why not surprise your family this year with something of a hint of that traditional meal, but with a modern and interesting twist.

Let's start with a traditional desert (since it is always fun to start off with something sweet), and make it into an interesting addition to your holiday extravaganza. How does Banana Sour Cream Bread sound? Banana bread is one of those American classics that seem to make an appearance at every holiday, every bake sale, and every social event. Its popularity makes it a great place to start your experimenting. Banana sour cream bread uses all the same ingredients as banana bread, so you can use your own favorite recipe, plus one container of sour cream. This gives your banana bread an extra kick of flavor, with a very moist and savory texture. To make it even more delicious, line your pan with a dusting of sugar and cinnamon, giving it a fairy-like sheen as it comes out of the oven.

Now, you are going to need to wash down this savory desert with a homemade drink (because even the drinks need to be home-style on Thanksgiving Day). Why not use your cranberries for a better purpose than cranberry sauce? Making a cranberry punch will accentuate your other dishes without overpowering your cooking delights. My favorite recipe for cranberry punch uses cranberry, white grape, and pineapple juice, plus ginger ale, and a pint of orange sherbet ice cream. The ice cream gives the punch a little more thickness and mass to keep them coming back for more, while the ginger ale gives it the bubbles and fun all punches deserve.

And finally, the turkey. The turkey is not only the main dish; it is the center piece of the table. Try baking your turkey with a cornbread dressing. Cornbread is as traditionally American as anything else. To make this dressing, bake your turkey, and when you take it out of the oven, smother it with butter. After it cools, take your favorite cornbread recipe and paint the turkey with as thin or thick of cornbread batter as you desire. Your family is guaranteed to love it.

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