Halloween Cakes - Centerpiece And Dessert

A Halloween cake is not only the perfect dessert for any Halloween party and a must have for someone with a birthday on or around October 31st, but also makes a great center piece for your food table if you are throwing any type of Halloween party. Here are two simple, yet impressive Halloween cakes that you can try this year.

Pumpkin Cake

No, we are not taking about a pumpkin flavored cake, but a light colored cake that looks like a pumpkin when you’re finished decorating it.

You will need 3 box mixes of white or yellow cake mix along with the additional ingredients like oil and eggs the box calls for. Prepare the batter as directed. Pour it into two bunt pans and bake according to the package directions. Allow the cake to cool completely.

Meanwhile, combine two to three cans of vanilla frosting in a bowl. You can probably make do with two cans, but if you prefer being able to work out any unevenness, or fix fingerprints made in there by little hands (what child can resist tasting frosting?), go with three cans.

Add enough red and yellow food coloring to the frosting mixture to turn it bright orange. Spread some of the frosting only on the flat side one of the cooled bunt cakes. Set the other one on top of it flat side down. You have a pumpkin shape. Use the rest of frosting mixture to frost the entire cake.

Use black icing to draw a carved pumpkin design on the cake. Some triangular shapes for the eyes and nose, as well as a large half moon shape will do the trick.

Spider Cake

Start with a boxed mix of devil’s food cake (or your favorite chocolate cake mix). Prepare the batter and bake it in two round pans according to the package instructions. Let it cool on a rack.

Scoop 2 cans of vanilla frosting into a large bowl and add enough green and yellow food coloring to turn it into a nice spooky green color. Spread a layer of frosting in between the two cake rounds. Use the rest to frost the entire outside of the cake.

Use black icing to draw a spider web on the top of the cake. Start by drawing lines across the top. Imagine the top of the cake is a clock. Draw a line from 12 to 6, then one from 9 to 3. Fill in the spaces with two more lines each. Then start working on the circles starting in the center of the cake and working your way out toward the edges of the cake.

Take a chocolate muffin, cut off the bottom and frost the entire top of it with chocolate frosting. Roll it frosted side down in chocolate sprinkles and place it in the center of the spider web on the cake. Add four pieces of black licorice to each side as legs.

Now all you’ll need is a spooky costume and you will be ready for an impressive Halloween party.

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