Fun And Festive Triple Diamond Energy Drink

It's party season and for many people, that means getting together with friends. Whether you're hosting a party or just looking for new and exciting drink recipes to bring, triple diamond energy drinks are almost always a hit. The drinks can be made using a number of different ingredients and nearly any brand of commonly found energy drink. There's a tripe diamond energy drink recipe for any type of party.

The Original Triple Diamond Energy Cocktail

One of the most common and best loved triple diamond energy drinks is an easy one to make. Simply take your favorite brand of energy drink and mix with vodka. The ratio of energy drink to vodka can vary, some people choose to use a single shot of vodka with an entire can of energy drink. Others use a higher concentration of vodka and another version even reverses to ratio of energy drink to vodka with a shot of energy drink in an entire glass of vodka. The caffeine in the energy drink may counter-act the effects of the alcohol so it's a good idea to pay close attention to how many drinks you have.

This version of the triple diamond energy drink is great for parties since it can be easily customized to suit anyone's taste by simply using different brands of energy drinks combined with orange or lemon-flavored vodka. This drink is typically served with or without ice in a highball glass. Because the cocktail is simple enough to make, there's no need to hire a bartender if you're having a party.

Variations On The Triple Diamond Energy Cocktail

Other combinations of energy drink cocktails can include many different types of alcoholic beverages. Some less common drinks include mixtures of 7-Up, cranberry juice and raspberry flavored vodka or Cointreau, Midori, peach schnapps, Southern Comfort, and vodka. Yet another variation mixes champagne with splashes of energy drinks and cranberry juice for a bubbly, festive drink.

These drinks often have a higher concentration of alcohol so moderation is a must! Because many of the variations call for multiple ingredients, it may be a good idea to do a little bartending research before the party or hire a professional bartender so you're not stuck mixing drinks instead of mingling with your party guests.

Non-Alcoholic Triple Diamond Energy Smoothie

This energy smoothie is a great drink for people who choose not to drink or parties for minors. Recipes can vary and can use any sort of fresh or frozen fruit blended with the energy drink. Some favorites include plain or flavored yogurt, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, apple or orange juice and half a can of energy drink.

The best thing about these energy smoothies is that the taste can be completely customized according to anyone's preferences and ingredients on hand. Because the recipe is so easy to make, you can easily ask a friend to man the blender instead of spending the money on a professional bartender. Have your friends take turns and see who's got the best energy smoothie recipe.

With so many different mixes and combinations of triple diamond energy drinks, it's possible to find one perfect for any party guest. Whether you're looking for a drink recipe for adults or teenagers, you're sure to get a boost of energy while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

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