6 Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes

There are many dishes that are found throughout the United States that are considered traditional Thanksgiving food. It is up to you and what you feel is a tradition that your ancestors wanted you to teach your family and friends through food and activities that are being held during the Thanksgiving holiday. You may be people that are bringing dishes to help you out while you are hosting.

Traditional Thanksgiving food is a wonderful thing to have knowledge about especially if you have the recipes to make it all. You can pass them down to the younger generations so they can teach their own kids about importance that our ancestors want them all to know about Thanksgiving. So make sure you have room for more recipes when your guests bring their dishes over which can include any of the following.

A Thanksgiving traditional dish is a vegetable tray to start the whole event off with so that you can keep their hungry under control while the turkey finishes cooking. It can be served with a fresh dill dip.

With all the vegetables available after harvest, green beans can be used in several dishes. This traditional Thanksgiving dish there is green beans, ham, onions and potatoes.

You may want to serve a cheese ball with cracker as an appetizer to keep the guests happy while they are enjoying football or hockey. There are various kinds of cheeses to choose from and make sure that the nut that is on the outside is one that no one is allergic to.

As the host you need to make sure that your guests are comfortable, so you may offer them a drink of some kind or if you have an open kitchen they can have access to a cooler full of a variety of drinks. This makes you look great in the guest's eyes because you are helping them take care of a need.

A traditional favorite for Thanksgiving is deviled eggs. No matter where you go they are there as an appetizer.

A fresh green salad can also be a great starter when we are talking about a feast that last hours. It is traditional on Thanksgiving to feel so full that you are ready to take a nap.

You can enjoy your Thanksgiving with numerous appetizers or even starters but for a traditional dinner it is all about the turkey and mashed potatoes. The rest of the equation is easy. Make sure everyone is having a good time and that everyone is getting plenty to eat remember to include that famous pecan pie that grandma used to make.

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