10 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

I am specific you posses mortally of ‘Fitness & Weight Loss Tips for Thanksgiving’ hold your inbox, ergo I will direct this brief and will you some highly able tips that hopefully wont speak for the alike through everyone added!

Virgin rule I always drill is – Fancy your self and cause whatever the hell you necessity to pull off! If you without reservation fancy to splurge, and so hardihood for corporal. Strict trade in prominence conception a few elementary rules. If you necessity to have a healthy holiday and not gain 2 - 4 lbs undifferentiated most everyone more, whence vitality straight to unit 10 elementary and ergo study the rest.

1 - Attack every epoch, especially Thanksgiving age, character the afternoon over close to tailgating instance being possible. If you obtain to lick agency the morning act concrete, but the closer to social the bigger.

2 - Wrap up a fairly intensified pursuit Wednesday; your most stinging pursuit of the point on Thursday; and a moderate attempt Friday. This will help your body deal with the overload of calories on one particular day. Keep your workouts short but intense. If you have not been working out at an intense level, don’t start now. Just do what you normally do.

3 - Do not stuff yourself. Enjoy your meal and eat to feel good, but do not stuff yourself where you feel bloated and ready to explode and have to casually lean back in your chair and carefully unbuckle your belt and hope no one sees…not cool.

4 - Enjoy yourself, but watch out for too many carbs - alcohol, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatos, bread, deserts, puddings…sounds yummy, right? Those foods are all carbs and there is nothing wrong with them as long as you don’t have any food allergies or have a total carb feast. Make sure you balance your meals with fat and protein. Protein for most, comes from turkey or whatever meat, and the fat can be olive oil for salad dressing or butter. Balance your meals so you always have a protein, fat and carb

5 - Meal Timing - Don’t snack while waiting for dinner. Chill out w / the fam and drink water but don’t eat until its dinner time. Once you are finished eating, you are finished. Dont hang out and then eat desert 20 minutes later. Eating should be one event that starts and stops and doesn’t have a ‘break’ in between main course and desert.

6 - If you are going to drink alcohol, don’t have it on an empty stomach. Have a little fat or protein to balance out the sugar. A little baggie of walnuts goes a long way. You can also eat guacamole. Based on what I said in #5, this means you should only have a little fat or protein w / the alcohol, and have it an hour or so before eating dinner…. but don’t have too much or it will interfere with your meal timing and ruin your digestion, no matter how much or how little you eat.

7 - If you are afraid of overeating, have a snack like raw walnuts or almonds an hour before dinner. This will help you from gorging because you are starving by the time dinner arrives.

8 - Go for a walk after dinner to help you digest your food. If its too cold to walk outside, something as simple as playing with the dog or your nieces and nephews will help digest the meal. If you are stuffed - then simply chill out and take it easy.

9 - If you are overweight or are over 35…you might want to take a digestive enzyme just before you start eating. A good quality enzyme will help you break down the foods and make it easier to digest.

10 - The number one rule for staying healthy is this: eat like you would any other day. Enjoy yourself but dont use holidays as an excuse to beat yourself up for the next 2 - 3 days. Stuffing yourself and getting bloated is not wise and makes you feel gross. Stay focused on your health & fitness & fat loss goals and stay true to yourself…. no matter how much pressure there is to eat, if you are trying to lose weight, a holiday will either make you or break you.

If you really want to lose weight, stay true to yourself and you will feel AWESOME after. If you give in to pressure and allow other people to run your life and eating habits, you will not only feel gross and bloated, but you will gain weight and feel bad that you ‘fell off the wagon’.

Want to lose weight? Treat Thanksgiving like any other day in terms of how much you eat.

If you are creative and having a non traditional meal, please let us know what you ate and how it went. Coconut oil is excellent for cooking and really enhances the flavor of turkey.

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