Crock Pot Cooking

For the working woman, crock pot cooking is one of the best things going. It means the family can have a nice home cooked meal without having to wait until late to eat. Not only that, but the meats are much more tender and flavorful while slowly cooking all day instead of a quick brown and braise in the oven or on top of the stove. With so many different ways to serve one-dish meals in a crock pot, one wonders why more people don't take advantage of the idea.

Crock Pot Cooking has all the latest innovative crock pots, including those with a little dipper and those that are programmable. Of course, since they cook all day anyway, we wonder why the programmable unless it's so it will start automatically before you leave for work instead of having to wait to set it up. In addition to the different crockpots, the site is full of many different recipes that one can use to make different meals using a crock or slow cooker. In addition to recipes on the site, you will also find several different cookbooks that are available for sale, including one that is on CD. You will also find some hints and suggestions about cooking in a crockpot or slow cooker, which includes how to double recipes for a big cooker, when to add spices, adding liquid, how to brown meat if desired, and much more.

Crockpot cooking is also good for weekend cooking when you want to make dinner, and just let everyone grab it when they are hungry, leaving you free to do other things. There are also recipes for baking bread and other types of pastries in a slow cooker. If you become innovative enough and accustom yourself to using the slow cooker, you can feed your family healthy meals made from scratch without having to spend hours cooking when you come home from work.

Keep in mind that because you are using fresh ingredients, crock pot cooking is much healthier as well as nutritious. The slow simmering of meats and vegetables in their natural juices will make them tender enough to melt in your mouth. Some meat or other vegetables may need to be added during the last half hour or so of cooking because of their cooking time – pasta for example, you boil on the stove as usual and add during the last half hour of cooking. You want to make sure you check with any foods that are in question because overcooking can cause them to be soggy as well as cooking all of the nutrients out of them.

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