Cooking: The Definitive Art Form

There is an age old saying – ‘The Way To A Man’s Heart Is through His Stomach". Well, let it be known, that the way to everyone’s heart is through his/her stomach, both figuratively and literally. To achieve this extraordinary feat all you have to be is a good cook. But, herein lays a difficulty. Cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea, and people have to fine tune their culinary skills over the years to have any semblance of mastery over this art form.

Good cooking takes you to heaven or any place that you call heaven for that matter. So what exactly is ‘cooking’? Something so important has a very simple meaning. It is the time worn process of preparing food. The phrase ‘cooking’ also includes the act of ‘eating’. While cooking a person has to keep in mind a whole lot of factors that would finally lead to the making of some delicious food. Namely, there are three things that must be kept in mind while cooking: the mixture of the ingredients used, and the inherent digestibility of the food.

A good cook must be an ace at selection, measurement, and the combination of the requisite ingredients that would achieve a culinary accomplishment. Diversity is another significant feature of this age old art form. It reflects the varied considerations that include, amongst others, nutrition, aesthetics, agrarian features of a region, ethnicity, and religion. Food is cooked in a number of different ways. You can boil it, fry it, grill it or use any other methodology for the purposes of heating.

The paramount importance that cooking has in our life can be gauged from the fact that we spend close to 6 hours daily, just eating. This of course is a minimum estimate. Regional cooking and gourmet cooking is fast gaining in the popularity charts. More and more people are succumbing to the cooking bug simply because there is a lot of money in it. Nobody likes to stay hungry, and everybody likes good food. Cooking was first a necessity, and now it has achieved a status far greater than anybody supposed it would.

For the purposes of cooking, you need some good cookware. Cookware is containers, which are used to keep the food preparations. The development in cooking has led to development in cookware. Today, you have a myriad of cookware to suit the requirements of specific dishes.

To conclude, cooking is something that cannot be learnt. Like art, the qualities of a cook must be ingrained in a person. But, that does not mean that you cannot learn a few scrumptous dishes. So go give it a try, and yes, don’t forget to use some apt cookware!

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