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There are many unlike styles of making food as there are cultural groups. Each person brings their own distinguishing style to the food that they make. This signature manner of cookery is also present is the Cajun cooking world. While each human may have their own dearie dish they also share certain traits that identify them as a Cajun chef.
The main food staples of Cajun cooking are Gumbo's and rice. In any case these dishes you will find Jambalaya, Stews, Soups, Fricassees and Grillades. The raw materials that the Cajun Chef uses in the provision of the meal may let in seafood like crabs, lobsters, shrimps, trouts, bass, clams and other interesting but delightful seafood types. Wild vegetables, many fragrant herbs like thyme, tarragon and basil are also used in the dishes as well.
Meats like chicken, lamb, pork, venison and beef are also part of Cajun cooking. The main secret for the fantastic taste of Cajun cooking can be attributed to the manner of cooking. As an alternative of having unlike dishes seasoned individually and cooked in versatile containers, a Cajun chef may season the meats and seafood together and mix them in one pot with vegetables and herbs. To this fragrant yet savory dish, spices in dissimilar amounts will be added to give that spicy taste to the food.
The other fundamental items that are used by a Cajun chef are clarified butter. This is butter where the milk solids and the water have been removed from the butter. This is a very good component to use in Cajun preparation as the butter has high cooking point. For this ground Cajun food will use clarified butter. The other point that is exploited is roux. This basic is used to thicken the gravies and gumbos of the Cajun chef.
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