What To Cook In Your Dutch Oven

Dutch oven dinners have helped create many fond camping memories! Food is an important part of any event especially when camping and Dutch ovens help to create meals that are both easy and delicious. Try some of the recipes listed below for your next Dutch oven meal.

But first, a little bit about Dutch ovens. Cast iron is a popular material for Dutch ovens. It's a great material for cooking while camping or even in your own kitchen at home. Cast iron cookware is very popular because food doesn't get stuck to it like it does other types of metal cookware, and it also cooks food quickly and evenly. Best of all, cast iron is easy to clean, which is one of my requirements when buying cookware, especially camping cookware like a Dutch oven. All you have to do is use soap and water to clean your cast iron Dutch oven. Also, make sure that you dry it out soon after washing to prevent rusting. Another great thing about a cast iron Dutch oven is that there's really nothing you can do to damage or ruin it. They last forever so you'll be able to use it for as long as you like, and once you try some of these great recipes, you'll be glad that your Dutch oven is a permanent fixture in your camping cookware collection.

Here are some recipes to try out the next time you are camping and want to bring along your Dutch oven.

Enchiladas (I can almost smell it now)

2 lbs. hamburger
one large green pepper
one large onion
one large red pepper
one package tortillas
one bottle enchilada sauce
one pound of cheese
one pound of mozzarella cheese
Non stick vegetable spray

Spray with non-stick spray (a good thing to do before making any Dutch oven meal). Make a hole in the middle of the tortillas. Line the bottom and sides with the tortillas. Use the small lid to the Dutch oven and brown the hamburger, adding the onion and peppers. Pour half of the hamburger, cheese, and enchilada sauce over the first layer of tortillas. Repeat this twice and top with cheese. Cook over medium heat on a camp stove or use 30 briquettes for 375 degrees. Place 20 of the briquettes on top and 10 underneath. Heat until hot and the cheese is melted.

Perhaps you haven't done much cooking before and are looking for something really easy and tasty. Try this recipe out:

Easy Chili

one small bag of chili beans
1/4 tsp. soda
one tsp. salt
one can tomato soup
1/2 bottle catsup
one Tbsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. chili powder
one onion
3 tsp. pepper

Soak beans with 1/4 tsp. soda by covering them with water for about 6-8 hours (soaking the beans overnight is a good idea). Drain beans and pour into the Dutch oven. Add fresh water about 1 inch above the beans. Add 1 tsp. salt and cook over medium heat on your stove or use 10-11 briquettes. Boil for about 2 hours. Add tomato soup, catsup, sugar, and chili powder. Cook over medium heat on camp stove or use 10-11 briquettes. Let this mixture boil.

With the small lid and brown hamburger and onion. Take off grease and add to liquid mixture. Add pepper and cook over low heat on camp stove or use 8 or 9 briquettes for about 20 minutes. Continue stirring.

Dessert is the best part of Dutch oven cooking.

Fantastic Cake

one boxed cake mix
4 Tbsp. flour (divided)
Non stick vegetable spray

Follow the directions on the cake mix box. Add 1 Tbsp. of flour to mix. Remove all racks and spray with non stick spray. Coat with 3 Tbsp. of flour. Discard extra flour and pour cake batter in. Put lid on and cook over low to medium low heat on a camp stove or use 8 to 9 briquettes. Cook 15-20 minutes. Test with a toothpick: Cake is done when toothpick comes out clean. Remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes.

Now you will take a knife and cut around the cake. Rotate the grill upside down and place it on top. Using hot pads, make sure the grill in place and turn the Dutch oven upside down so the cake falls out onto the grill. Cover with icing when cake is completely cooled.

Make sure to take several Dutch ovens to be able to cook a couple menu items at a time. Don't forget these recipes and your Dutch ovens next time you go camping with friends and family. Enjoy!

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