What Cookware Do You Prefer?

There are many different types of cookware. Many chefs and homemakers prefer the nonstick cookware. With nonstick cookware , it is very important to use the proper utensils to prevent damaging the inside coating of the cookware.

If you are a homemaker that prefers using a dishwasher , you may find that nonstick cookware is best left to hand washing .Damaging the inside coating of the nonstick cookware may result in flaking of the linen. This could cause serious health complications if ingested.

Cookware Options:

1. Revere

2. Teflon

3. Faber Ware

There are many brands that every household has at least one set in their kitchens.

1. Stainless Steel-dishwasher safe

2. Aluminum- quick to heat

3. Copper-good to use when you are needing to control your heat such as in melting chocolate ,or making sauces.

4. Cast Iron- well known for that great fried chicken and purple bean soup in fresh garden beans. Slow in the heating and cooling process.

5. Light weight -easy to warp

6. Heavy weight-heat is distributed evenly

7. Uncoated-can be washed in dishwasher, great for making gravies, use regular metal utensils

8. Commercial style -great for cooking large quantities.

Cookware of any sort needs proper care.

1. In caring for cast iron , one should always towel dry the cookware completely to prevent rusting. A dusting of a non stick cooking spray will also prevent rusting.

2. Non stick cookware needs hot soapy water and no steel wool pads or powders.

3. Stainless Steel can be cleaned with a scouring pad and washed in hot soapy water.

4. Aluminum should be cleaned by hand. Dishwashers may damage this cookware.

5. Cooper requires polish to preserve the cookware.

Cookware can be found in sets. This should be took into consideration due to the fact that different foods require different size pots and pans in preparing a meal. Observing what each piece of cookware is used for will help you plan your meal . Cooking for larger groups means using larger pieces of cookware. Individuals may smaller pots and pans more to their advantage.

When preparing a meal, take all the necessary safety precautions to prevent kitchen fires. Many house fires are due to cookware being left on a burner that hasn't been turned off. Take the time to check your stove before sitting down to dinner or leaving your home. Don't abuse your cookware by cooking on high. Using a lower setting will help preserve flavor and juices in your food.

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