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About the commercial microwaves businesses

When exploring the options available through commercial microwave business companies, you will find a wide-range of selections to choose from. Leading the way in commercial microwave choices, companies such as Amana, Sharp, Samsung and Panasonic are testing the envelope with new and innovative ideas. Choosing the best commercial microwave for your business means deciding on the price you wish to pay, as well as satisfying the capabilities you desire.

The purchase of one or maybe more than one commercial microwave helps businesses to keep up with the demands of the workplace. There is also a time when the quick and efficient preparation of foods and other ingredients is highly needed. Settling on a specific commercial microwave brand is a personal choice that takes research and analysis of your business’ needs.

Amana Commercial Microwaves

With a reputation for providing fine quality, there are plenty of commercial microwave options offered through this line. Foodservice managers will find that the dependability of this product is one you will never forget. Their product line offers a wide-range of light, medium and heavy-duty selections, making this a versatile competitor within the commercial microwave business.

A large, light duty model with 1000 watts of power, offers 10 different power levels to choose from. This selection costs less than $350. Their heavy-duty option with 3000 watts of power can be purchased for $1500.

Sharp Commercial Microwaves

The stainless steel interiors of a Sharp commercial microwave provide an array of heavy-duty to light duty options to fit any budget. Some of the latest trends in timesaving properties have been implemented into their product line. A 1000-watt model with electronic dial timer sells for about $250, while this Sharp commercial microwave business also provides a 1000-watt model with top and side heaters for a little over $1600.

Panasonic Commercial Microwave

This commercial microwave business boasts to carry the largest selection of commercial microwave products. Made tough to last, this seems to be one of the only models offering the highest wattage throughout brands. Their 3900-watt, stainless steel model can be purchased for a little over $2000. The high volume, large capacity item provides microwave, as well as oven convection capabilities.

Samsung Commercial Microwave

When looking for a medium-duty option, the Samsung commercial microwave is perfect for all of the cooking, reheating and finishing of popular food items and dishes. Their 1000-watt model can be purchased for around $650.

Extras to Look For

As a business, you should pay attention to the extras that accompany the purchase of a commercial microwave. For instance, does the commercial microwave business that you purchase from offer convenient repair services? Will you have to bring in costly technicians or can you send your model into the original manufacturer? When you better understand your commercial microwave, you can help endure the longevity of its life. This means not putting foil into the microwaves or opening the door while cooking. Routine cleaning of your product will also increase its life and productivity. When purchasing from a commercial microwave business, you will find that when you buy more than 10 of a product, you stand to save at least $300-$500 in the process.

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