The Best Cookware For Sumptuous Meals

There are different types and brands of cookware available in the market. Learning about the materials used for these cookware variations will help you analyze the best type of cookware for your purposes.

There are different materials of cookware you can choose from. There are pots and pans made from different metals that will not easily spoil the flavor of your food. Aside from this, it can provide the right amount of heat.

On the other hand, non-metallic pots and pans such as ceramic and glass are types of cookware materials not to be used on top of stoves. The following are the other different types of cookware and their uses:

1. Roasting and braising pans - used for roasting beef, chicken, and pork because of its spacious characteristics. They are made from heavy metal components and can be used on top of a stove or in an oven.

2. Casserole pans -resembles Dutch ovens and roasters. They are usually made from Pyrex or glazed ceramics.

3. Dutch Ovens - deep and heavy pots with a lid that is made from cast iron. It is used for stews, soups, and braised meats, requiring only low heat and slow cooking.

4. Frying pans - also known as skillets. It has shallow sides and a large heating surface. Some can be ribbed so as to drain the fat from the food.

5. Griddles - are used for grilling, frying, and making pancakes, waffles, crepes, etc. It can have a flat surface, a ribbed area, or even several square metal grooves.

6. Saucepans - are pots having a height that is almost equal to its width. Smaller ones have only one handle. As for the larger pots, they come with two handles.

7. Sauté pans - are similar to frying pans but have a larger surface. They are used for sautéing. Its sides are vertical so that the food will not be thrown out while cooking.

8. Stockpots - are large pots that come in several sizes to choose from and thus satisfying your specific needs. It can be big enough for dishes meant for a feast.

9. Woks - typically used for stir-frying, deep-frying, and steaming. They are wide bowl-shaped cookware.

Aside from the types of pots and pans, listed below are several of the best brands of cookware in the market today. They offer a variety of cookware that will meet your needs.

1. Calphalon Cookware

This company has been in the business of making the best cookware since 1963. They strive to provide only the best kitchenware for the professional chefs and beginning homemakers alike.

2. Kitchen Aid

These kitchen aids give importance to the art of cooking. They also provide you the best quality for your money. In fact, they are proud to be the producers of high quality cookware.

3. Dansk

With their slogan “Life is hard enough - let Dansk make it easy.” They have made a breakthrough in cookware, catering to anyone’s taste and needs. They have made their cookware stylish yet casual, beautiful but functional.

4. Rachel Ray’s Cookware

Rachel Ray is perhaps the most popular chef to date. Her collection of cookware is designed to have the functionality and versatility that she shows in her recipes. Her cookware ranges from porcelain cast iron enamel to commercial nonstick and anodized aluminum. Choosing this brand of cookware will definitely be a good investment.

5. T- Fal

T-Fal is well known for their breakthrough in nonstick pans. T-Fal is a household name when it comes to quality cookware. In the 1950’s, they invented the non-stick frying pan. From here, they have made way onto a wider range of non-stick cooking utensils, making cooking a lot easier and fun to do.

People love to eat sumptuous meals. We strive to have the best meal we can and will not settle for anything less than the best that money can buy. We go to restaurants to satisfy our taste buds with cuisines made by the best chefs. Since not everyone can afford to eat in a restaurant, the next best thing is to have a well-prepared home cooked meal.

There are many cookware brands in the market. The varieties of cookware are endless and can come in different shapes, sizes, types, and materials.

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