Microwave Ovens Can Destroy Your Health

Foods that have been subjected to microwave radiation are dangerous to our health. Microwave ovens heat food with high-frequency microwaves that force water molecules to heat up by violently vibrating them. This causes a fracturing of the molecules, and a rearrangement of the chemical composition of the food.

Besides irradiating food, electromagnetic fields and invisible microwave emissions can bypass the built-in shielding in microwave ovens, and can leak through aging door seals, allowing them to travel to other rooms of the house.

The history of microwave ovens dates back to World War II, when the Nazis began research and development of these devices. They were searching for ways to overcome the logistical problems of producing edible food in a short time, and to be able to reduce the amount and bulk of cooking fuels that would be required to support their planned operations for the military invasion of Russia.

At the end of the war, the United States' War Department and the Soviet Union obtained the German microwave research and some of the devices. They took them home for further study.
Adding to the German research from the early forties, the Russians continued to research the biological effects of microwave ovens and microwave-cooked food. Their findings led them, in 1976, to issue an international warning concerning the biological and environmental dangers of using such ovens and similar electronic frequency devices.

German and Russian researchers found that cooking food with microwaves:
* Produces cancer causing agents.
* Destroys nutritive values.
* Reduces the food's vital energy field content by 60-90%.

Humans who had direct exposure to microwaves but had not eaten irradiated food experienced:

* Long term cumulative loss of vital energies.
* Destabilized metabolism.
* Cell damage.
* Degeneration of electrical nerve impulses.
* Nervous and lymphatic systems damage.
* Hormone destabilization.
* Brainwave disturbances.
* Psychological disorders.

Conclusions on the effects of eating irradiated food included:

* Long term permanent brain damage.
* Alteration or loss of hormone production.
* Permanent damage within the human body.
* Stomach and intestinal tumors.
* Increase of cancer cells in human blood.
* Immune system deficiencies.
* Loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence.

The use of microwave ovens is almost universal in restaurants and homes in North America. Considering the foregoing information, it is likely that serious damage at the human cellular level is being wrought throughout the western world.

Yet, as with many other aspects of our food, medicines, and environment, the cumulative effects of microwaves are gradual; when the onset of illness occurs, it is very hard to make the connection with the original cause.

For these reasons, in my opinion, the use of microwave ovens, and eating food and drinks that have been heated in them, is not advised.

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