Microwave Convection Ovens: For Tasty & Nutritious Meal

Microwave ovens help cook any food with amazing speed. The convection facility in a microwave oven allows a 'airflow' circulation that heats up any food in less time using much less electricity.

Cooking in microwave ovens is a lot faster than conventional methods of cooking. The oven operates at much lower temperatures and reduces 20% of cooking time compared to other ovens.

With microwave cooking, nutrients are preserved and the actual taste of the food remains intact. Only a minimum quantity of oil is required to cook any dish.

Food cooked in microwave convection ovens is as nutritious as food cooked in other ways, and studies suggest that microwave ovens retains more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than boiling. Nutrients like vitamin A and E are less likely to be destroyed. This is good for health.

Microwave ovens are easy to clean and maintain. Clean the exterior part by wiping it with a damp cloth. The interior portion should be cleaned with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water.

There are some misconceptions though, about microwave ovens:

Microwave energy changes the chemical composition of food.
- But there is no evidence of poisonous or dangerous compounds created by microwave convection ovens.

Eating food cooked in the microwave exposes you to radiation.
- As soon as the oven is switched off, there are no longer any microwaves in the oven or the food. There is no evidence that microwave exposure, at any level, either causes or promotes cancer and other radioactive diseases.

Besides these, another argument against microwave ovens is that, food doesn't get heated evenly, which means there are cold spots and hot spots. Bacteria and other microorganisms can flourish in the cold spots.
- But this argument can be countered too. Smaller portions cook more evenly than large portions. Thorough heating is possible, simply by chopping the food into small and similar sized chunks.

You can also ensure a more even temperature, by using shallow and round containers, rather than the square and high-topped containers in the commercial convection ovens.

There are different kinds of microwave ovens in the market. Some noteworthy are Merrychef microwave ovens, Panasonic commercial microwave, commercial pizza ovens... Get one today and serve yourself, your family, friends & guests with tasty, healthy and delicious food!
Author: James Zimmerman

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