How different is Commercial Cooking Equipment

While your favorite restaurant may prepare your food using the same appliances that you would use at home, there's a vast difference between the average home appliances and commercial cooking equipment.

As an example, let's compare one of the most common appliances - the refrigerator. The average household refrigerator is a two-door appliance, with a freezer compartment and a refrigerator compartment.

In a commercial environment, the freezer is often an entire room where meat and other frozen products are stored. The refrigerator will be large enough to store everything they use regularly, plus they tend to keep a more consistent temperature than the average kitched refrigerator.

Other appliances are also quite different. A commercial stove, for example, will have quite a few more cooking elements than the average kitchen stove and they often have a grilling surface as well.

Commercial dishwashers are generally quite a bit larger than household models, and they often wash with higher temperature water. Because there is so much more going through them, and there is a higher risk of sickness if the dishes aren't cleaned properly, these dishwashers needs to be quite a bit heavier duty than what we use at home.

Another commercial appliance that you wouldn't usually see at home is a hot food cabinet or warming drawers. Because commercial kitchens are often preparing many meals at once, and coordinating them to be delivered at the same time, these warming appliances are necessary to keep everything warm until it's ready to be delivered.

Many of the extra features on commercial equipment have started to work their way into home equipment, so if you're looking for something a little heavier duty than the average household appliance, you have more choices all the time. Even the designs have started to become common in home equipment - stainless steel is the new white!

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