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Commercial microwaves are a great solution for all types and sizes of catering businesses from pubs serving food to restaurants and cafes.

An industrial microwave is the ideal solution for quick and easy food preparation and for the reheating of pre-prepared food. A commercial or catering quality microwave is ideal for use in a whole different range of environments that provide a food based service.

There are many ranges of commercial microwaves on the market that are large enough to be able to cope with the demands of running a very busy restaurant, cafe or pub but compact enough as not to be imposing or take up too much of your valuable kitchen space.

Industrial or commercial microwaves are normally larger than the standard domestic varieties available on the public market as they will have to cope with larger containers and increased volumes in comparison to domestic models.

A commercial microwave has a lot to cope with. Rather than simply feeding a hungry family, a commercial microwave sometimes has to cook food for hundreds of hungry families, depending on the size of the business.

A normal microwave isn't applicable to a restaurant or a pub serving food, as they are only built to serve a small number of people. Commercial microwaves are usually somewhat larger to cater for the extra amount of food that requires heating and have different amounts of power depending on how many dishes are being cooked at once.

When purchasing a microwave for you premises or catering establishment something to take into consideration is that they will normally have different power or maximum duty levels and it is up to you the purchaser to decide which is the most useful for your business.

As a general rule of thumb the higher the wattage is on your microwave the quicker it will cook or reheat your food products choose a low or underpowered microwave and you will have increased cooking times and unhappy customers and kitchen staff.

A Commercial Microwave oven is designed specifically for constant and high output usage, typically ranging from 1100 Watts to 1900 Watts of power.

Bear in mind that a commercial or industrial microwave is built to last and built to cope with the busy demands expected from a commercial microwave and will nearly always be constructed from stainless steel and have push-button pre-set digital or manual cooking programmes giving you the choice to program in to the memory of your machine certain common dish reheating or cooking times.

Most suppliers of commercial or industrial microwaves will come with an extended warranty which will cover more than just the standard one years parts and Labour warranty, typically a catering microwave will be supplied with a three years or more warranty as standard.

The other main difference between a domestic and a commercial microwave is the lack of rotating turntable inside the unit. Commercial microwaves are at their most efficient when defrosting frozen foods in preparation for cooking, the defrosting times for different food stuffs are greatly reduced when using a microwave and can vastly reduce the waiting times compared with conventional methods.

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