Buying stainless steel cookware

As stainless steel does not conduct heat evenly, most stainless steel
cookware is made with copper or aluminum bottoms and up the sides for high quality cookware. When selecting stainless steel cookware you want to look for a high grade stainless steel. T304 stainless (surgical grade) or 18/10 will not corrode and will last a long time. Depending on your budget its really up to you. Basically how much do you want to spend. Remember the cheaper the cookware, in the end your get what you paid for. Another question is, before you purchase cookware what do you want it for, yes yes cooking of course but there are alot of cookware companies. Heard of Bessemer,Raco or Scan pan, these companies are global and are huge, you can buy them in any large department store and the products are not bad. If you want some pots to heat the baked beans in and don't give a rats arse about cooking, then cheap cookware is for you. For a decent quality set of cookware your looking from $500 to $5000. Have you seen those cookware companies at the shows e.t.c thats very high grade and exspensive too, but will last for a long long time and you won't find them in Myers, well not yet. Waterless cookware is the highest grade you can buy and they could set you back a few k. Another way to tell cookware apart is read the gaurantee and compare them to other companies. Some gaurantees are a lifetime. You can find a number of companies online but see the gaurantee first if you can and read them thoroughly. Whether you want cheap or exspensive cookware, baked beans or roast chicken in a pot your cullinary skills will prevail. Happy cooking and may the force be with you. Checkout

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