Who Invented The Legendary Chicken Vindaloo?

This one’s been bugging me for a while. I know the people claiming to have invented it could make a line from here to the moon and back. I hear some say it was invented by a chef in the UK, there are others who claim it comes from Indian or Pakistan? I really need to find this out and set the record one and for all.

I was at the office and asked a work mate of mine this question, to my astonishment he replied back that he had never has an Indian meal in his life, I was shocked, could this really be possible especially since we worked so close to brick lane in London the hub of curry restaurants, after taking a few breaths I realised that I met my very first curry virgin!

After recovering from the shock of meeting a curry virgin I went out to have a smoke. The ‘no smoking’ ban is now in full effect across the UK following the success in Scotland. This had me wondering if the smocking ban has affected me in anyway when I go for a curry. I came to the conclusion it hasn’t, my mates always use to complain about me smoking in front of them while they were eating and I have no problem of going out having some fresh air and enjoying my smoke while my curry digest.

I enjoyed my smoke with a fellow smoker who looked like he was in his 80s, I asked him did he know who invented the Vindaloo dish, his gave me a weird look then whispered to me if I could keep a secret, I nodded. He said his great grandfather created the legendary dish and walked off.

I went back to the restaurant and after enjoying the best vindaloo I ever had i wanted to pay our compliments to the chef, the chef came out and old 80 yeah old man very slowly, smiling and waving at me.

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