Simple BBQ Chicken

This recipe is really very simple and even more delicious. It is also extremely cheap, so all of you on a budget out there rejoice! This meal costs all in all only about five dollars, depending on the brand of BBQ sauce you prefer, and it only takes a few short minutes to prepare. This one is absolutely perfect for parties and other gatherings, because the preparation won't take you away from your guests.

Some steamed broccoli or other vegetables you can find and come up with make good side dishes for this tasty BBQ chicken. The chicken will be somewhat rich in flavour, so having a vegetable is generally a good call. Staples like dinner rolls or potatoes wouldn't go amiss either. Anything that matches the simple pleasure of BBQ can be worked into the meal without too much effort on your side, which is also one of the goals with this recipe.

The type of BBQ sauce you use will determine what beverage fits the meal best. For richer flavours, go with a nice dark ale. If you aren't a good cook (which is OK by the way), grab a six-pack of light beer, and everything will fit together perfectly! For the kids, milk juice and water will all match the meal, each one as good as the others. The flavour of the meal changes so drastically with your choice of sauce that it is impossible for me to recommend one beverage over another. Just drink whatever you like! As far as I know it's always your taste that matter anyway!

Chicken breasts (as many as you plan to eat)
BBQ Sauce (1c. per chicken breast)

1. Pour the BBQ sauce into a frying pan. If you have more than four cups, split the dish into two preparation phases. (More than four breasts will not fit!)
2. Heat BBQ sauce on medium heat for five minutes, or until hot.
3. Place the chicken into the pan, and let it simmer for 25-30 minutes. Only flip the chicken one time!*
4. Remove the chicken from the pan, and serve immediately.

* Flipping the chicken gives the BBQ sauce stuck to the cooked side a chance to cool, which forms a protective shell around the chicken, preventing any further BBQ sauce from penetrating the meat. You want as much BBQ sauce to get into the chicken as possible, and flipping it only once gives the greatest amount of time for that to happen.

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