Inexpensive Chicken Recipes

I have noticed in this hard economic time more and more people are turning to food that cost less, that means for meat most people are eating more and more chicken. In fact, my husband who works for a local grocery store as a meat cutter says the beef sales are down about 30 from last year but the chicken sales are up 25 . With us all eat more and more chicken that means we are probably eating it night after night which becomes really mundane. So what do you do?

You find ways to keep the chicken exciting and make sure from night to night it is different. Meaning you need to find recipes that are high in flavor but still keep costs down. Then we tend to run into another problem flavor means time, right? And let’s face it most of us don’t have a lot of time to make dinner with work, kids and soccer practice. So now we need recipes for chicken breasts that are cheap, flavorful, AND don’t take much time.

You’re in luck because I just so happen to know a few, well okay a lot, of recipes just like that. Here is one that is very quick, tastes great and you can customize it to your families tastes and size.

Chicken Rice
3 c cooked rice (you can use white, brown, instant, or even Rice a Roni)
2 Chicken breast cooked and cubed (I will cook 5 6 breast for my family of 4 and then freeze the other rest)
1 2 c of your choice of frozen veggies (I personally like something green, like broccoli, peas, or green beans with mine)

You add all of this together on Medium heat adding a little water if necessary for 10 15 minutes. Then season with pepper a little salt and if you choose, garlic powder.
Serves 4.

This recipe above will feed four and it only cost me about 5 dollars to make. That ends up costing just over $1 a person and that to me is absolutely amazing. Would you like another simple recipe to keep you going for another day? Of course you do, so here it is.

Chicken and gravy
4 Chicken Breast
2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup
1 c Rice uncooked (again white, brown, instant, or whatever)
2 c water for regular rice (1 ¼ c for instant)

You pour the rice into the crock pot and then add the water. You will then gently put the chicken on top of the rice, the chicken will move the rice a bit and it is no big deal. Then you pour the soup in cover it up and cook. Cook for 8 9 hours on Low and 5 on High. Serve with your choice of veggie.
Serves 4.

This recipe cost a little more, but I average about $6, so that is $1.50 per person. At that price you should be able to stay under budget every month for food, or just reduce how much you budget.

I hope you have enjoyed this recipes and look forward to teaching you more.

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