Chicken Breast Recipes : Delicious & Easy To Prepare

Delicious chicken breast is very popular in European countries. In this short article, I will give you the opportunity to prepare 3 awesome and easy chicken breast recipes.

Peanut Stuffed Chicken Breast

~ 1 Table spoon of dried Mint
~ 1/2 Cup of Peanut butter
~ 12 Chicken breasts
~ 1 Packet of G. Washington Golden bouillon mix
~ 1/8 Cup of Honey

Peanut Stuffed Chicken Breast instructions:

Remove the bone from the chicken breasts by not damaging the meat. After that, pull off Gobbets and shreds. Mix the following well (honey, peanut butter, mint and cumin) all together in a bowl. Put it into the microwave for about 30 seconds. On each piece of meat spread about 2-3 teaspoon of the mixture (peanuts butter mixture you have just made).

Roll 1/12 of the gobbets and shreds together with the breast in order to make them into packets. Attached the packet and tie it with a toothpick. In the crock pot, arrange the 12 prepared packets into layers. Mix well water in the bowl with any peanut butter remaining.

Pour the packet of bouillon over the chicken packets. Cover the packets with additional water to about a depth of at least 1 inch put the crock pot on high for about 5 hour 30 minutes. Remove the packets (from the pot) and drain it on a platter.

Invite some friends to share this wonderful dish you've prepared. This may be the first step to discover your new talents.

Serve for 1 family.

Italian Stuffed Chicken breast

~ 1 spoon of Melted butter
~ 1 Spoon of Parmesan cheese
~ 1 table spoon of Bread crumbs
~ 1/2 Cup of Tomato sauce
~ 1/4 cup of Havarti or Swiss cheese
~ 1/4 Tea spoon of dried oregano
~ 4 oz Chicken breast

Italian Stuffed Chicken Breast instruction:

Put the Oregano, crumbs and parmesan cheese all together and mix all. Cut the breast in a thin way. Roll the chicken breasts with Swiss cheese or havarti. Brush and cover with butter. Put the breast into the mixture and mix it well. Bake them at 325 degrees for about 35 minutes. Put the sauce and continue baking for an additional of 10 minutes.

Add some chili and salt up to your taste, because taste and flavor varies depending people.

Tips: I like chili so I have added some chili after the dish was ready and it tasted very good and just wanted to retake another one. Here what you get for about 1 hour of preparation and cooking brings on some beers and watches a good movie. Have a nice movie.

Cheesy Chicken Breast:

1 packet Cream cheese
Chicken breast deboned
Bread crumbs or Kellogg
Melted butter or margarine
Cornflake crumbs

Cheesy Chicken Breast Instruction:

You must Thinned the chicken breasts between two sheets of wax. In each chicken breast put a cube of cheese and roll them. Put the chicken breast in butter then roll it in bread crumbs. Put in a microwave recipient and cook on high for about 6 to 9 minutes.

This is the easiest way to do cook a delicious and easy food. Have a nice movie with these snacks. If ever you want to have a party, this is the right snack to be served at the start. My best way to cook and to share it with friends is when we have a get together and share the food around a good movie.

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