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Of course, every people have their own popular meal, which may be known by referring to them. We can see Arab meals, American meals, Asian meals, and much more. One of those famous meals around the world is Texas BBQ of beef brisket. Initially, useful information about the origin of this meal is good before proceeding in the recipe.

During the years 1800-1900, some of German immigrated to Texas, while they inserted their residence in the industry of Texas cattle industry. Actually, this industry was so successful due to their skills in making sausage and butchering. In addition, their skills included their unique recipes of beef brisket. For your information, a unique recipe of this popular meal will be provided.

The ingredients are one tea spoons black pepper, half tea spoons dried savory, two tea spoons dried basil, two tea spoons onion powder, two tea spoons garlic powder, two table spoons brown sugar, two table spoons dry mustard, three-fourths tea spoon dried coriander, half tea spoon ground cumin, four table spoons salt, and 7-10 lb untrimmed beef brisket with fat on one side.

First, all the above-mentioned ingredients, except the brisket, can be put in ziplock bag. Then, you can seal and shake them deeply. And then, rub approximately ¼ cup of the mixture well then do store it during the night.

Method of Cooking
Put about 5-10 lbs of charcoal in a smoker. Do soaking mesquite, pecan, hickory, or fruitwood chips in a pan filled with water for just 30 minutes. Remember that the entire proceeding needed to be slowly, so you may begin it during evening.

Sprinkle the charcoal with wood chips to be able to light them in easy way. Then you can add a few more until you see the fire is going well. Do not try to use charcoal lighter fluids or other lighters, otherwise the brisket will taste like the lighter used! Another tip, you have not to let the smoker's water pan go dry.

When you notice that the coals turned grey, do put the brisket on the smoker, fat side up. You can permit it to smoke for about 4-5 hours. Do add chips more via the cooking. Do not try to let the water dried. Then, do double wrap the brisket with a piece of aluminum foil, put it to one side, during your building of a new fire. You can permit the brisket to cook on this new fire, say for more 8 hours. For your keen, no need to add chips to this new fire any more.

Carefully remove the beef brisket from the smoker and allow it to stand for at least quarter of an hour before slicing. When you are ready to eat, unwrap the brisket and slice diagonally across the grain in about 3/8" slices. Trim off any excess fat. One beef brisket will serve 10 or more people. If you carefully follow the recipe above, you are in for a real treat using this recipe for Texas BBQs!

At last, you can carefully do removing the brisket from your smoker, permitting it to stay for just ¼ hour before try slicing. On the table, while your family members are gathered, you can unwrap of the brisket and slice diagonally across that grain in approximately 3/6 inch slices. Remember that only one beef brisket can be sufficient for more than 10 persons!

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