Buying a Barbeque Grill

Do you enjoy eating outdoors? Many people appreciate the fresh air and attractive views available at many camping spots or sometimes from their own backyard. One way to get the most from having a meal outside is by cooking it yourself over a barbeque grill, which is not difficult if you become familiar with a few safety tips and helpful hints. But before reaching that point, you will want to purchase a suitable grill for outdoor use. Here are some tips that can help you select one that will suit your lifestyle.

1. Decide how much you can afford to spend. A $50 charcoal brazier might fit your budget best for now. Over time, you could save a few hundred dollars to buy a more deluxe model with an outdoor light and optional side shelves. Plan your purchase before walking into the store so you wont be talked into spending more than you can afford.

2. Select a preferred style of cooking grill. Some people prefer the old fashioned method of charcoal briquettes that are ignited by lighter fluid. Other folks like to use a plug-in electric model that cooks more evenly. Some outdoor cooks want to use a gas grill. Check out each type at your favorite sporting goods or department store. Each style requires the purchase or preparation and storage or maintenance of fuel components like charcoal, kerosene, gas, or electric outlets.

3. Carefully choose the most useful auxiliary items. Dont be lured into paying hundreds of dollars more for items you wont use. You can get stainless steel casings, a warming section, burner controls, a nighttime light, the barbeque utensil kit, and a host of other options that look great at the store but may sit idle at home. You can always add more features later if you feel they are needed.

4. Shop for the best deal. Try to plan ahead and buy your grill at the end of the summer when patio and lawn items go on sale. Compare styles, costs, and features among various stores, and ask about sales events or rebates to further reduce the cost.

5. Have a storage area in mind. To make your barbeque last, get one that will fit a suitable place in the garage, shed, patio, or basement. You may want to invest in a vinyl or other type of cover to help prevent rust and mold.

If you plan to cook outdoors, it may be helpful to check out patio furniture or a picnic table when you shop for a grill. Sometimes you can buy a certain amount of merchandise and get a ten percent or higher discount. To cut costs, think about using paper plates and plastic table service for family and/or guests. If desired, you can always use regular dishes for special occasions.

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