Barbeque Your Fresh Trout

Have you ever caught a trout yourself? If you haven't I must tell you it is quite an experience. It really does go beyond a fishing rod and a fish. And of course it is a very healthy outdoor activity too.

If you have caught the trout yourself, I congratulate you and well done! Another part of the great fishing experience is the cooking of the fish. I'm now going to show you a great cooking recipe.

Trout are an excellent fish to catch. This is because when caught on a rod and line they give you that extra adrenalin rush and excitement. Trout are after all, a great fighting fish, especially for their size.

I love fishing for trout and I know you'll enjoy it too. Just find an opportunity and see for yourself.

If you have bought your trout from a shop, it will probably be a farmed trout. It still has the same high content of vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids as with wild trout. I find farmed trout doesn't quite have as much flavor as the wild variety but still extremely tasty and much healthier for you than fast foods.

The same applies to all domestic and wild foods. They tend to taste slightly different but hey they still have the same goodness in them.

Below is an excellent cooking recipe that is simple and quick. It'll get maximum flavor and health benefits from the fish by using a barbeque, whether you have farmed or wild trout.


Serves 2

4 trout approximately 8-10 inches long
1 fresh lemon
2 knobs of butter
Salt and pepper
4 pieces of tin foil (approximately 12 inches long by 8 inches wide)


Take the trout and gut them, leaving the heads on if you prefer. Once you have gutted them wash them thoroughly. Cut the fish with a sharp knife starting at the underbelly back to the tail, only going as deep as the backbone. Once that is done, open up the fish flat.

Sprinkle on the salt and pepper for seasoning and then add a knob of butter. Place two thin slices of lemon on top of each fish. Close up the fish so the lemon slices and the seasoning end up inside the fish. Now place the fish onto the tin foil.

Gently wrap each fish individually in the foil into a parcel and seal all around by folding in the sides. This keeps in the moisture and prevents the fish from quickly going dry. Sealing in the moisture preserves more of the vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acids and of course keeps the fish succulent.

Barbeque for approximately 10 minutes each side. Once done take off the barbeque and open up the tin foil. Before eating, take a moment and savour that wonderful aroma of the freshly cooked trout. Fantastic!

Serve with a selection of lightly boiled vegetables which adds more vitamins and minerals to provide a satisfying and wholesome meal. Enjoy your meal and enjoy your camping.

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