The 3 Quickest Ways To Keep Visitors Coming Back To Your Wine-Related Website

There are many wine and winery related web sites available on the web. It now becomes increasingly important to stand out from the crowd of websites. There are many things that wine websites can do to make their websites stand out and make the visitors come back again and again to their site. Things that can be done to keep visitors coming back include adding forums, a blog, or a lot of articles. While these solutions are good, they can be quite time intensive and require some effort to maintain.

This article is going to talk about some of the quick things wine-related sites can do to make their sites sticky, that don't require a lot of effort and are easier to maintain, if any maintenance is required at all.

1. Add a Featured Monthly Wine

At a minimum of every month, add a featured wine of the month that you place on your front page. You can use wines that have won awards in different states or countries. If you really want to cater to your visitors, you should find out where most of your visitors come from and feature the wine from that country. It is relatively easy to find out where your visitors come from through tracking software that is available on the Internet. Once you decide on a wine, you can really add value by including information about the region the wine came from and even a little bit about the winery the wine came from. You'll be surprised at how willing some winery owners will be willing to provide you with information about their winery if it means additional exposure for them.

2. Allow Your Visitors to Vote on a Featured Wine

Should you decide to feature a monthly wine, you could allow your website visitors to vote on the featured wine. The wine with the most votes would be the one you feature. You can make it easy and provide a multiple choice of no more than 5 to 6 wines to choose from. Place the poll on the front page of your website where it is easily seen. There are a lot of scripts available on the web today that are free and can allow you to put this feature on your site relatively quiclky.

3. Add a Winery Search Function to Your Website

Another thing that can add value to your site is giving the ability for your visitors to search for wineries. There are sites like that allow website owners to place code they provide on their own website, and visitors will be able to search the extensive winery database available on Visitors will come back often to find wineries in their own area, or areas they may visit on a trip. Adding this type of code to your wine or winery site is rather quick and easy and can be done within 5 minutes.

There are many things a wine-related website owner can do to make their website sticky, and keep the visitors coming back. Some things are relatively simple, yet they can make a big difference in the effectiveness of the website. Visitors love ease and convenience and website owners can do things that can quickly and easily deliver these features. These features can be done on your own, or found as scripts in the Internet. Spice up your site today and keep those visitors coming back.

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