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The right combination between food and wine is a source of ultimate bliss for every connoisseur. Both wine and food can benefit from the right pairing. The right wine can accentuate unexpected gastronomical aspects of food and vice versa, wine can shine in a new light when accompanied by the right dish. In order to savor the splendor of such combinations, one does not need to frequent expensive restaurants and buy overpriced wines. Rather, when combining food and wine it is one's intuition and curiosity that are of paramount importance. It is a pleasure to the palate and it teases the senses when you combine fine dining with a glass of good wine. White wine is excellent when you are dining on fish or chicken, while red wine goes perfectly with red meat dishes.

You might be confused when it comes to classifying the kinds of wine manufactured by vintners.

Wine-makers use the word "varietal" to refer to the type of wine made, as there are many variants to choose from.

France and Italy are amoung the leading countries when it comes to exporting wine all over the world. In the United States, you can find great wine producers in California.

Wines can be named according to the wine-maker, the vintage - which indicates the year when the grapes were grown - and the place where the wines were made.

However, most wine names are derived from the grape they are made from.

Here's a quick look at the general types of wines that you can choose from to suit your taste:

1. Sparkling wine

This is more popularly known as champagne. Sparkling wine takes the form of a bubbly clear liquid which is most often used to signify a celebration. They are further divided into different types. There is a type of sparkling wine which is very dry and they are light and a bit sweet when tasted. There are champagnes made from white or red grapes, and they are more popularly known as Blanc de Blancs.

2. Aperitif

These are wines drank as an appetizer before the actual meal. Vermouth and dry sherry are a couple of examples of an aperitif.

3. Red wines

Red dinner wines are best served with red meat dishes or pasta. Cabernet Sauvignon is a popular red wine brand.

4. Rose dinner wine

This is related to the red wine variety and is also known as "blush wine" or pink wine. It has a lighter color and a sweeter flavor than the regular red wine.

5. White wine

White wine best complements fish or chicken meal. It brings out the natural aroma of food and further enhances flavor when served chilled. Chablis and Chardonnay are examples of white wines.

6. Table wine

Table wines can be red, white or pink wine which have no more than 14% alcohol content.

7. Dessert wine

Sweet sherry is an example of a dessert wine which is mostly of the sweet variety.

8. Cooking wine

Cooking wine is not intended for drinking because they contain salt.

From all these wine types and more - you get to take your pick of which bottle you would like to take home, sip and enjoy. Join Wine Tasting Party.

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