For Every Gift - Giving Occasion There Is A Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift baskets are very popular gifts as well for the giver as for the receiver, wine is almost always welcome, unless the recipient is a teetotaler or a recovering alcoholic. Even if the receiver is not one of the 90 percent of wine lovers in the country the wine will probably still be welcome to be used in sauces and/or deserts. And with gourmet wine gift baskets you can' t go wrong because of the delicious food gifts inside.

Possible ingredients

The most common wine gift baskets contain at least one thing, a bottle of wine, and can contain almost anything else. and that is also the great advantage of wine gift baskets, that you can buy them ready made with a great variety of other selected products. Most of the gift baskets contain one or two bottles of wine and a selection of food products like chocolate, crackers, cheese, spreads, meat. The more luxurious baskets may also include food products like smoked salmon, roasted nuts, bonbons and more. Some wine gift baskets also contain nonfood products like corkscrew's, knifes, glazes and other related items.

Home made wine baskets?

Anyone who wants to do something special for a friend or family member and have some love for wine, can put their own gift basket together. You just need some creativity, a good basket and a little bit of money. The basket can be bought at your local garden centre, home brew shop or arts and crafts store. The wines and other ingredients can be bought at your local grocery store. Place the wine bottle in the middle of your basket and arrange the other products around it. You can choose a Chardonnay or Chablis for a white wine basket and you can select a Cabernet's sauvignon, a Merlot or a pinot noir for the red wine.

If you know the gift receiver and know what kind of food products he or she likes, it is easy and you can put some of these items in the basket, if you don't know the person you can still choose from a wide variety of crackers, cheeses and other products.

Good wine giving occasions

Wine is almost always appropriate and it makes a desired gift at:

- birthdays
- anniversaries
- weddings
- engagements
- Christmas
- Valentine's day
- diner invitations
- thank you occasions

and many more occasions. Any host or hostess will appreciate your wine gift basket. A gift basket is an easy and convenient gift for both giver as receiver. There are many online merchants that deliver right to the receivers door, prices ranging from $90 to $400 for a very deluxe basket. The better the wine and the more excellent wines the basket contains the more expensive the gift will be. That is why there are baskets with just one bottle of wine that can be more expensive than a whole box of wines all together.

Consider carefully what kind of food products you add for your gift receiver, a wine basket is suppose to be a thoughtful gift so give it some thought.

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