Unique Wedding Favors Series: Personalized Tea Favors and Sweet Honey

The perfect wedding favor will engage as many senses as possible while recreating the sweet memories and emotions of your wedding for your guests. Wedding tea favors and sweet honey delights, personalized with your name and unique message, are an ideal wedding favor choice. Gifts rich with sensory joys like beautifully packaged teas are the latest trend in favor gift giving as they evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort symbolic to your marriage itself.

Tea favors bring depth and culture to your choice of wedding favor. Tea has been enjoyed by mankind since 3,000 BC and is rich with tradition and meaning. The distinctive wedding tea favor is a robust blend of black tea, created from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis, a beautiful white flowering plant known for its medicinal qualities. Many scientists and naturalists believe that teas promote a long healthy life, a symbolism of a wonderful marriage.

Tea has been an important part of wedding traditions all over the world for centuries. In China, guests sip sweet tea as a symbolic wish for a sweet marriage between the newlywed couple. In many cultures, sharing tea with guests, friends, and family is a sign of ultimate respect and gratitude.

Wedding tea favors are becoming a popular wedding favor choice and can be customized with gorgeous prints, lettering, and packaging to match the theme of your wedding. Try packaging the glossy white foil packs with aromatic cinnamon sticks and an elegant tea cup, bound with flowing ribbons. For an even richer gift surprise, add a matching personalized honey favor jar to further enhance the sweet warmth of the wedding tea favors.

Sensory rich wedding favors have a way of bringing the romance and splendor of your wedding back to your guests long after your last dance. The most wonderful way to reward the friends and family that made your day special is to send them home with invigorating tea favors and an opportunity to enjoy a moment of warm comfort.

Tea favors and hearty sweet honey jars are perfect items on which to print your name and your sweetheart's names and the date of your wedding. The shiny packaging of the tea favor and the charm of the honey jar are fit for display and invite your guests to relive the memory of your union with each glance.

The hopes, dreams, and romance that create a perfect wedding are emotions that are difficult to capture with objects in the physical world. Warm, invigorating tea favors sipped from a delicate cup and sweetened with rich honey offer a way to recreate the magical moments of peace and joy that form a beautiful wedding.

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