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Leaf tea is the most valuable among all kind of tea presentation. Sought by followers and tea lovers alike, loose leaf tea is believed to being the prizewinning discover of every variety of tea.

Leaf tea is believed to deliver its aroma and smell in a simple, delicate way, providing the way for the body of the tea to emerge and develop in a soft wafting of flavor that brings about a soothing balm and quiet to the senses and mind.

Loose leaf tea is favored by many, almost all tea lovers actually, over any other kind of variety of tea. It may also be because the reason that leaf tea is usually hand-made to the ultimate perfection attainable in a tea. The leaves are hand picked, and sorted out in absolutely different way instead of machine method of the CTC (Crush, tear, Curl). Much importance and concern is given to the tea leaves and buds that are processed in the different way.

Some of the teas which are sorted in leaf forms are Oolong tea, Green tea, Black tea and especially White tea. The very rare and distinguished White tea owes much of its fame and flavor because of its method of hand picking and processing in loose leaf tea form.

Tea is said to consent its best when infused from foliage form. The leaves hit less wear and tear as opposed to other, lower-grade versions of the tea, and hence retain most of the inherent morality and body of the particular tea. Green repast releases better flavor in loose form. White repast is so prized that it is not even available in a lesser modify than loose foliage tea. Black repast releases its full body and potency when the leaves are allowed to steep. Oolong repast leaves unfurl gently in the water, releasing with them their delicately burly flavor and aroma.

Tea Leaf is graded on the basis of levels. They are namely whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings, and dust, it is the first two which are considered the best of the lot. Tea leaf grading is most responsible for its fame and eagerness for loose leaf tea.

Leaf tea is available from every tea seller. Some reputable brands have even made loose leaf variety tea a symbol of the quality of their teas.

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