Iced Green Tea

Are you looking for a different drink that is not only healthy but thirst quenching too?

Maybe you are arranging a party and are looking for something alcohol free to give your guests.

Iced green tea could be the answer, it is getting very popular and trendy now. It makes a nice change from the usual fizzy drinks and orange juice which people have got so used to drinking when they are driving.

Iced green tea is a thirst quenching drink that is packed with health benefits in the form of antioxidants and vitamins it is an especially good choice if your friends are watching their weight.

Choosing commercial or home made iced green tea?

You will find that most ready made bottled iced green tea offered in shops typically either contains too much sugar, or the green tea taste is purely artificial rather than having the original tea in it.

In order to compromise with the healthy living lifestyle nowadays, most of these drink makers have their own versions of iced green tea. But you will find that these are often sweetened with aspartame and ace-k.

Alternatively, there are still a few companies that make good iced green teas in bottled form.

Why not try cinnamint green tea, or even the mint cinnamon ginger iced green tea, which can be found on the American Institute for Cancer Research website as a recommended drink.

These iced green tea drinks are an excellent and popular alternative to sodas, which of course have too many calories and no nutritional value to speak of.

In conclusion, iced green tea is a very simple, healthy drink. You can make it yourself knowing that you are preparing something that is not only very refreshing but also highly nutritious.

Why not make some iced green tea this week?

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