Green Tea Helps Speed Up Metabolism

So one know fact is that green tea does help in weight loss, particularly by speeding up your metabolism. I personally have met people who have lost a considerable amount of pounds by introducing green tea into their daily usage.

And this is how it works. It was found that green tea does raise your metabolic rate and that it also has a lot effect on fat oxidation (that is actually where green tea helps). Many believed that these effects were due to caffeine in green tea, but today it has been proven that caffeine has nothing to do with it. Green tea has even less caffeine then coffee, so that is certainly not the case.

It was even proven by many researches that those people who drank green tea during their diet plan lost pounds quite considerably faster then the ones that drank coffee. So green tea really does work, but be carefully it will work as long as you are restricting yourself with proper diet and exercise plan. The best thing about green tea is that there are no known side effects that have been reported.

According to some research, green tea helps you to speed up your metabolism by 3 percent, or additional 67 calories a day. However, it all depends on the individual, off course if there is more weight involved the more calories you would be burning and vice versa.

Off course, it is absurd that green tea alone can help you lose weight, you still need to have a regular healthy diet plan! It can work only as your daily supplement to your new diet plan. So if you have already undergone a good weight loss plan, together with exercise and diet, then try drinking two to three glasses of green tea a day. Even if you do not believe in its help to speeding up your metabolism, no bad thing can come of tea. First, it is highly healthy and it is better to drink tea then soda or coffee for that matter.

Because it has been proven to have no side effects, and still a lot of people claim that it is helpful not only in losing the weight, but also in many other health problems, like heart attacks, it is worth to try. There is a good chance that green tea will help speed up your metabolism!

Bags are still a popular means of brewing iced tea, mostly for the convenience factor and the low price. More and more, people are turning to loose leaves however for preparing their iced tea because of the wide range of flavors.

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