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You may enjoy oolong tea, and even go out of your way to buy oolong tea for your morning and evening cup. You know that it tastes great, but you might not know that there is quite a unique process used to create the oolong tea that you know and love.

Oolong bulk tea has a taste somewhere in the middle of the mildness of bulk green tea and the potency of full-bodied black tea. It reaches its peak of flavor through a fairly complex processing routine. The first step is that the tea is left out in the sun to dry or it is air dried to remove a certain amount of the moisture inherent in the tea leaves. It is next cooled in a covered area, after which it is tossed with the purpose of bruising the leaves, which aides in oxidation. The process of cooling and tossing occurs several times. Next, the leaves are heated in order to cause oxidation to cease. Oxidation happens when oxygen is applied to a surface, in this case the surface of the tea leaf, which causes the bruised areas on the leaf to turn brown. After the application of heat, the leaves are rolled and then finally they are roasted over low heat, sometimes multiple times in order to produce the desired flavors. Loose organic teas such as oolong are then identified and graded. You will find roasted and light oolong available for sale from select online tea merchants.

The most famous oolong tea comes from China. You can also buy oolong tea that originates from Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Africa.

It is easy to brew loose organic teas including oolong. You can place the loose bulk tea in a tea strainer; approximately two teaspoons per cup is the typical quantity. Hot but not boiling water is best used in the making of oolong, and then the tea is left to steep for four minutes. You can rebrew this tea using the same leaves, and the flavor will be good for a half dozen or fewer brewings.

A quality online tea store will offer other superior bulk loose tea from which you can select your favorites. Bulk loose tea can be a more cost effect purchase if you consume tea on a regular basis or if you own a store in which tea is sold. This tea can also be custom blended to your exact specifications, so that you can achieve the specific taste you desire. Bulk green tea tastes great on its own, and also works as a wonderful base to which you can add other tea flavors. Green and oolong tea is sought after by tea connoisseurs, and can be found at quality online tea stores.

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