Celestial Seasoning Tea

The celestial seasoning tea began producing teas in 1969 in Aspen, Colorado. It all started off with the collecting of herbs from the Rocky Mountain and taking them to make tea. This make Mo Siegel and his associates decided to build their own shop in boulder. As their business started to grow, the celestial tea became well known right through North America because of the variety of teas they made to whole population.

Celestial Seasonings is a commercial group that promotes healthy lifestyle and eating habits. To prepare the tea and make the food, the company relies greatly on the use of herbs which makes it quite tasty and delicious. Originally these herbs were considered to have medicinal values only, but later on people find that the taste is quite appealing and thus, celestial seasoning tea was produced so that people can enjoy the wonderful taste more often. Visitors and customers are invited by the company to join their tea shop to take pleasure in drinking the wonderful flavors of celestial seasoning tea.

Nowadays, teas are meant to go with your lifestyle and mood. They are a variety of celestial seasoning teas which are sold in the market. Some of them you can find in the market are green tea, iced tea, white tea, black tea, organic tea, wellness tea, holiday tea. The celestial seasoning tea company that produces the tea bags boosts about going and pick the leaves themselves from nature, so they guarantee their tea to be healthy and nature. They are a lot of flavors you can pick up in the supermarket that’s pretty tasty and you can be certain that it is of high quality ingredients.

Of all the variety of celestial seasoning tea, the Hispanic population finds the bilingual teas very appealing. The bilingual tea carries its name because of the mixture of different flavors like apple and banana, or lemon and honey, or apple and cinnamon, and so forth. The desert is another popular seasoning tea. Some types of desert seasoning tea are vanilla hazelnut and English toffee. No matter the type or category, it is clear that celestial seasoning tea appeals highly to a large population because of its variety and quality.

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Celestial Seasoning Tea

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