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Tea can also be artistically beautiful. You don’t believe that. Then simply visit the site, which deals in various forms of art teas or blossoming teas. The website has discovered this beautiful form of tea-making that has been in practice in China for several decades. It has taken significant steps in making this tea-making technique globally popular. The uniqueness of this concept lies in the way how green tea leaves and various types of flowers are blended and hand-tied into tea blossoms by skillful blossom artists. These tea blossoms are nothing short of artistic brilliance.

The production of tea blossoms or art teas begins with the early picking tea buds during the period between mid-March and beginning of April. Only those buds are chosen which consist of an unopened bud and a small tea leaf. Another condition is that the shape of these buds and leaves must be fully intact and without any damage. The same condition is applied in case of choosing flowers also. The green tea leaves and flowers are stacked onto a number of layers for several days. In the end, skilled blossom artists tie the leaves manually into variety of designs to produce tea blossoms.

All these varieties are now on display at The images of various art teas, their blossom details, steeping instructions and pricing details are all found quite easily. As a customer, you won’t miss out on any kind of information before purchasing them. You can gauge the popularity of each art tea from the fact that it has found its place at the site’s most popular section. In addition to that, new and beautiful blossoming teas keep coming to the site regularly to provide you wide number of options.

There is another unique opportunity for customers to wins so many gifts in the form of designer teasets. You can purchase from a sampler 4 blossoms up to as high as 30 blossoms. Blossomingleaf makes every kind of arrangement for their safe delivery at your doorstep. Even you don’t have to spend a single penny as shipping charges if your purchase order costs more than $50. You can purchase art teas to get added to the growing list of tea lovers who love this particular type of tea-making.

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