Your Kingdom For A Coffee Machine?

So, how do you simultaneously; save money, improve employer - employee relations, increase productivity, boost staff morale and raise the profit margins of your business? Well, believe it or not, the answer appears to come in the altogether unexpected but infinitely practical shape of a coffee machine.

When asked to list essential equipment in an office people tend to think of computers, desks, chairs, photocopiers, printers, stationary and the such. While this is all very important, neglecting to include a coffee machine somewhere in that list would be close to incompetent. Why? Simply because a coffee machine is absolutely invaluable to both employer and employee. A coffee machine means more than just the obvious benefit of coffee 'on tap'. In the workplace it can subtly act to substantially improve the employer-employee relationship. Unfortunately, many businesses suffer from an unproductive, upstairs downstairs environment. In such circumstances it is common for company employees to feel resentment towards the management. This will reduce levels of cooperation and communication. By installing a coffee machine you are showing that you care about your employees, thus raising morale and loyalty to the company. Research irrefutably shows employees that feel their employers care about their needs and act accordingly are far happier, more loyal to the company and ultimately more productive. A more productive employee does more work in the same period of time, not only saving but actually making you money. In short a coffee machine will not only pay for itself but also help your profits.

What about the actual benefits to your employees of drinking coffee from a well selected coffee machine? Well, think about it! A coffee machine will save vast amounts of time, which is supremely important in a world where time means money. With a coffee machine the coffee will be ready made, no need for time to be wasted waiting for a kettle to boil. When an employee wants a drink they will simply pour themselves a mug of hot coffee and then happily get back to work without any significant interruption to their stream of thought. This will enable them to maintain a high level of focus.

The consumption of coffee also has many proven biochemical benefits. Concentrate, here comes the science part. Coffee contains caffeine, or trimethylxanthine to give it its medical name. Caffeine acts as a mild chemical stimulant, helping to quickly boost levels of concentration over a prolonged period of time - this will undoubtedly help to maximize productivity in the workplace.

To conclude, is it worth risking your business empire for the sake of a coffee machine? The benefits are much more far reaching than simply those of taste, time and availability. A humble coffee machine can be a real asset for your company, boosting; morale, focus, efficiency and all importantly boosting profits! What more could you ask from a single piece of equipment?

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