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While hard to verify to accuracy, the history of coffee, is the tale of a sheepherder who found out about the properties of coffee when he was tending his sheep. His sheep became really agitated when they ate a certain type of berry off a plant. So he decided to try it too, and reacted the same way. Rumour has it that a monk told him to be careful of the devil's fruit. Nevertheless, it is also rumoured that the monks used the fruit to keep away from sleeping and pray.

There is another known story which reveals an Arabian was expatriated to the desert. He boiled and ate a plant that was unknown to him. Only with the plant, he was able to survive in the desert. Some persons residing in town close by felt the survival was a spiritual sign. The plant was then named Mocha, after that village,community.

Some persons think the coffee plant initially grew only in Ethiopia. To eat while on raids, they wrapped it in animal fat. It was transported to Arabia, it grew, and they took control of the market. The first to drink it were the Turks. They added cinnamon and clove for a sweeter taste.

Coffee founds its way to Europe via the Venetian trade merchants. Rumours of the taste of coffee began to surface all over. The Arab's keep an even tighter grip on the coffee plants. Christian's began claiming coffee was the devil's drink, just like the monk story above. Pope Vincent III decided to {taste it. He really liked it. Talk of banishing coffee went away after that.

Coffee houses were built everywhere in Europe soon after. They became a popular place to hang out and drink coffee. It was in the 1700's that coffee traveled to Americas. A French infantry captain brought a small plant with him. The coffee plant was cultivated, and within 50 years, more than 19 million of coffee trees were planted. Coffee was confirmed as the United States national drink in a dispute of the excessive taxes on tea from Britain.

Now, millions of people enjoy their coffee during the day. Coffee comes in a lot of brands and a lot of flavors. At most any grocery store, you can buy ground coffee or coffee beans. There are also gourmet coffees to choose from. Starbuck's Coffee, a million dollars business, is offering you the convenience of coffee any way you want it.

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