What is Gourmet Coffee?

Coffee beans are the seeds from the fruit on coffee plants and not actually a bean. There are a few ways to extract the beans. Whether using the wet or dry process of extracting seeds, the result is, the seed removed from the fruit.

Flavors of Gourmet Coffee

Arabica gourmet coffee is superior grade, has half the caffeine of Robusta coffee and a superior taste. It also has a far better smell. You can find almost any flavor of gourmet coffee such as:

•French vanilla
•Pumpkin spice
•Chocolate mint
•Swiss mocha
•Irish crème

Gourmet coffee comes in caffeinated and decaffeinated. There is also gourmet coffee available for people with sensitive stomachs that are low in acid so a little more gentle. Arabica coffee ranks very high up amid the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

For anyone to appreciate a great cup of gourmet coffee, people need to know some helpful information on it. You do not need to be an expert to enjoy it but it does help you appreciate the taste more, if you know more than the corner store, which sells instant coffee. It will also help you appreciate the smell and taste that gourmet coffee lovers find wonderful.

Purchasing and Making Gourmet Coffee

Gourmet coffee should be fresh for the best flavor. Also, buy only beans roasted within the last week and 100% Arabica coffee. Local grocery stores or supermarkets are not the place to find freshly roasted coffee beans. Usually their beans are roasted up to three months earlier. Purchase a coffee grinding machine and purchase the whole coffee bean. Grind the beans when you need them.

Do not store the gourmet coffee beans at room temperature. They should always be stored in airtight containers and placed in the fridge if you are using them soon. For gourmet coffee you are keeping for a while, place the airtight container in the freezer. It will not hurt the coffee but will keep it fresh.

Make sure your coffee maker is clean because it makes a real difference in the taste of your coffee. Run water and vinegar through your coffee maker once a month. Make sure you run clean water through to remove all the vinegar and smell. When making gourmet coffee, use approximately two heaping tablespoons per six ounces of clean, filtered water. This gives you a starting point. Now adjust the amount of coffee until you have the strength you enjoy. Buy your gourmet coffee beans from reputable companies, as it does a difference.

Since the 1990's, specialty gourmet coffee keeps getting more popular and is now one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Regular coffee is fine but gourmet coffee is fantastic and do not forget the flavored gourmet coffee. There is definitely something for everyone's taste.

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