Varieties of Coffee Around the World

When it comes to coffee, it is not all about choosing between instant coffee and drip coffee and black coffee and coffee with milk and sugar any more. Although Americans used to be limited to a choice between Folgers and Maxwell House, there are now tons of different cups of coffee to be tried out. Coffee aficionados can try a different kind of coffee from a different place on the globe every day and hardly ever taste the same cup of coffee twice.

Coffee Around The World - Where's The Best Cup of Joe?

Any world trip for coffee lovers would have to start in the world coffee capital of Brazil. This enormous country is the perfect coffee growing environment, with at least a third of the land space ideal for growing beans. Bahia and Minas Gerais are just two of the enormous number of different kinds of coffee grown in Brazil.

Although Brazil makes the most coffee, if you ask people to name a coffee producing country, they are likely to answer with Columbia. Tons of varieties of coffee beans are grown in Columbia, from rich and bold blends to light and sweet caffeinated delights like 'supremo' and 'excelso'. Coffees made from beans like Popayan or Narino are considered to be among the best in the world. Of course, blends of the different beans grown in Columbia offer a whole new world of possibilities for coffee tastes.

Don't count Mexico out when it comes to the coffee producing stakes. The small beans that are grown in Mexico produce coffee that has a delicate taste and very mellow acidity, giving it an overall light flavor. Last but not least in Latin America is Cuba, which brings its uber strong cafe cubano to the table. This coffee is so strong it is drunk like a shot of alcohol.

Outside of Latin America, a trip to South East Asia is ideal for coffee lovers. The warm, damp weather in Indonesia helps coffee beans grow there are low in acid and high in taste. In fact, Indonesian coffee is so popular that they are now the world's fourth largest producer.

Malaysia is the challenger to Indonesia's crown in the Asian coffee stakes. All coffee in Malaysia is brewed within a muslin bag, which means that is one strong cup of coffee.

If sweet coffee is your think, then Thailand is your place. Thai coffee has a touch of chicory, much like Parisian coffee, and it is usually sold cold, mixed with coconut milk and sugar. It is like dessert in a coffee cup.

There's a world of coffee waiting to be explored, so what are you waiting for? Grab your cup and go!

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