Valuable Tips On How To Store And Prepare Green Coffee Beans

If you'd go to a restaurant and you'd be shown some green coffee beans that would have to make you a tasty coffee, you'd surely make a very serious and distrustful face. Save any comments for the moment you'll taste the coffee, and then you're completely entitled to complain, if you still feel like! Many people who have drunk coffee made from freshly roasted green coffee beans have often declared that these strange looking beans make the best drink they've ever tasted. Where's the secret here? There is none actually. The problem with roasted and pre-packed coffee is that it starts losing its flavor immediately after being prepared.

There are coffee drinkers who'd never use processed coffee; many actually improvise and roast the green coffee beans in popcorn machines, then grind and prepare them. However, though with greater flavor qualities, green coffee is almost half cheaper than regular roasted coffee you find in supermarkets; the only problem here would be the availability of the green coffee beans. Normally, they are to be found in special shops, or larger amounts could be ordered on the Internet. Besides offering regular commercial services online, web sites often provide very valuable tips on how to store and prepare green coffee beans.

If you don't have a popcorn popper, a pan would also do for roasting the green coffee beans; yet, true enthusiasts would rather buy special roasters, which though a bit more expensive allow a great control over the roasting level, not to mention that there is much less smoke. In case you don't have time enough to roast and grind the green coffee beans at home, you could simply purchase small amounts of coffee from special shops that grind daily, so as to still enjoy the fresh coffee flavor.

How do you know when the green coffee beans are properly roasted? Under the heat action, the water inside the beans evaporates and causes the appearance of some cracks on the surface of the former green coffee beans. As the aroma spreads all around the house, it will seem like the beans are shrinking; during the entire roasting process, green coffee beans are actually losing almost 15% of their initial weight. There are two stages to recognize in the roasting process: during the first one, the beans have a light brown color, and when ground they resemble cinnamon. On the other hand, the last roasting stage is complete when a full dark color has been resumed and you can almost feel the taste of an exquisite drink.

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