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Are you drinking coffee while reading this article? Coffee is the most popular and consumed beverage worldwide. There are new coffee shops popping up all over the place. You can’t go far without running into a Starbucks. Its popularity has given birth to many kinds of instant coffee.

You can have it hot or cold, though it is usually served hot prepared from the roasted seed of coffee beans. Nowadays, the cold preparation of coffee is as popular as the hot one. To make it sinfully delicious, you can have your coffee with or without milk or simply with some whipped cream. Turkish coffee is a very popular drink that must be sampled while visiting.

The word coffee entered the English way back in 1598 from the Italian word "caffa" via the Turkish word "kahveh" through the Arabic word "qahwa". The ultimate origin of the word is uncertain there being several legendary account of the origin of the drink.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world next to petroleum. The popularity of coffee can also be judged by the rising number of coffee pubs and cafes all over the world. People of all the age groups can be found hanging at such cafes enjoying their cup of coffee. In the morning, in the afternoon or in the nights the coffee house business does not stop.

The good and bad effects of coffee are still being researched on. Many researches have shown that coffee reduces the risk of a number of diseases and ailments like diabetes, gall stones, cirrhosis and many more. Coffee forms the chief source of stimulant caffeine in the human body. A cup of coffee, when you are really down, can make you more alert and boost your power of reasoning. The main ingredient of coffee which is caffeine, is a natural energy-booster that helps you burn those excess pounds.

Others said that coffee has damaging effects on the body and there are a number of physical ailments that could be caused solely from caffeine. The most common side effects of caffeine include dizziness, headache, irritability, muscle tension, nausea, nervousness, stuffy nose, unusual tiredness and jitters. .

But anything, including coffee, when taken in moderation does not have an adverse effect on your health.

Like cocoa and banana coffee is a tropical export that is produced almost exclusively in the rain forests of the developing world, but is mainly consumed in the wealthier nations. Fortunately more and more coffee drinkers are demanding that their favorite baristas serve coffee that is grown in a manner that protects and not destroys the rain forests.

Coffee is such a drink which is liked by all people irrespective of their age or geographical location. In 2002 the farmers all over the world harvested 7.4 million tons of coffee, and almost double the amount harvested in 1960. It is also remarkable that one out of every five cups of coffee worldwide is consumed in the United States. Meetings are held, proposals are discussed, marriages are proposed, deals are finalized, and a lot more happens over the magical cup of coffee or java.

Happy drinking...

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