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The world is full of coffee - filter coffee, vacuum coffee, milk coffee, that coffee, this coffee - but nothing can be ever tastier than the coffee made in a French press coffee maker. Let me tell you why, if you are curious to know. To best understand why the French press coffee maker makes the best possible cup of coffee, you should get to know how the coffee is prepared in this process.

A Very Unusual Way to Protect the Coffee Flavor

It is said that the French press coffee maker creates the best coffee in the world. This is because of the process it is made with. The French press coffee maker consists of a long beaker made of glass, where sugar and coffee (freshly ground) is added. Nothing else is added to it but water, which is then heated and brought to a boil. Once the water is hot (boiling), there will be a plunger of a silver foil which needs to be slowly lowered towards the bottom of the beaker.

As the plunger goes down, the frothy, fresh and aromatic coffee will come up and the residue will be separated by the plunger. The coffee thus obtained is just amazing. It can be compared to some extent with Turkish coffee. Since the beaker has complete control over the temperature inside and out, the coffee can be served piping hot anytime you need it.

There are other names given to the coffee made by a French press coffee maker. People know this type of coffee as the cafetiere, presspot and/ or the plunger and it is a hot favorite all over the world. Because it is using hot water and freshly grounded coffee beans, it gives an exceptionally strong, rich and flavorful coffee which amply deserves the name of the connoisseur coffee maker.

The type of coffee you are using for this type of coffee is very important. Usually, for best results, coffee which is obtained from fried beans and then ground with the help of a burr grinder is used. This type of grinder grinds the coffee in a granulated form instead of powder.

Because of this, the beans will maintain the richest flavor and this same flavor will get soaked in the heated water used in the French press coffee maker. Once you taste a cup of coffee made this way, it is doubtful you will ever enjoy anything else again.

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