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Coffee makers that run on automatic are available in all sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Some make regular coffees and others are more specialised for drinks like latte or espresso. Whatever your coffee desires may be, there is a machine out there designed for you. You may find ones that come complete with a coffee grinder or ones that are programmable and whose alarms get you up in time the next morning.

The only way to make these clever machines last a long time is to make sure they are well taken care of. You should remember to switch off your machine when you are not using it. The more you use it the harder is has to work, and you will end up replacing it more often. Plus it is imperative to clean it by putting a mixture of water and vinegar; one cup will do, every now and then. This helps clean the insides and makes the coffee taste much better. However, make sure you run the machine after with plenty of water to remove the vinegar.

Machines with timers built in can save you ten minutes of extra time each morning. All you need to do is set the machine up the night before and set the machine to brew your coffee for the appropriate time. For example, if you need your coffee at 6am, set the timer to brew at 5:45am. That way your coffee is ready to pour when you need it. If you don’t have time to wait then you may get a machine that allows you to interrupt the flow temporarily. So, you can quickly pull the pot away from it and get a fast cup. The flow will stop.

The variety in size, colour, and types available vary, so you need to compare each one you see before buying one. There are even specially coloured ones that fit into your kitchen’s style and types with features to suit you. Some coffee makers will prepare a whole pot, whilst others will just give you one cup or more. You need to shop for the one that has the amount of cups you need. If you only drink three cups a day, don’t buy one that makes ten or more cups. You can also get portable types. These are great for camping or when you decide to visit family and friends who either don’t have their own machine or drink any coffee.

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