The Coffee Business Is Extremely Lucrative

Coffee is a legendary beverage that has conjured up many wondrous tale and a ton of no nonsense business. This beverage has been a great liquid that has done everything from heal to quench thirsts around the globe. Billions have enjoyed this strong, sometimes bitter drink.

There are endless legends about the beginnings of the coffee plant. One of the most believable ones is the one that comes out of Ethiopia around the time of 500 BC. The drink is reportedly discovered in this country by visitors from Arabia, which is where it got it's name.

The Renaissance is known as the birth of science and art but it also was the a time when coffee began to known as a heathenish drink. By the end of the 18th century coffee plantations and coffee drinking had spread across the world. We now have grind and brew coffeemakers, but the coffee is still the same.

Over the centuries the health effects of coffee drinking have ranged from good to extraordinary. Even though some of the hype is not true, there are some facts about it's benefits.

There are studies that say that mammalian sperm swim farther and faster when they have had some coffee because the caffeine stimulate. A Harvard study suggested that caffeine helped to control diabetes in 100,000 subjects that were involved in the 20 year study. Another study showed that coffee was instrumental in helping to reduce cirrhosis of the liver and it helped to reduce the severity of asthma.

The antioxidants in coffee, as well as wine, have been promoted as being able to help keep the heart healthier. Although the debate about these claims is ongoing. Coffee also is a diuretic that increases urination and there are some claims that nerve damage can result from drinking too much caffeine. One of the minor withdrawal symptoms that comes from caffeine is sleeplessness. A benefit that is rarely touted is that caffeine is a natural insecticide.

No matter what the side effect, benefits or uses are, coffee is not going anywhere. The only commodity that surpasses coffee in dollar volume is oil.

Coffee is exchanged in cities around the world and more than 400 billion cups are consumed every year. The drink continues to increase in popularity and even though only 10-20% of coffee drinkers have more than a cup a day, retails sales come in around the 9 billion mark every year.

In addition to the drink there are plenty of accessories that fuel the coffee culture. Raw beans, roasters, brewers and grinders are purchased on a regular basis. These home models often come at a hefty price.

Both commodity and specialty retail prices continue to grow. Starbucks has over 10,000 stores in the world and they are just one of many coffee chains.

Mocha, Cappuccino and Latte are names that most of us are very familiar with. With a few extra ingredients, you can turn a cup of coffee into a mini meal. There are flavored coffees and toppings that you can add to your drink. There are endless varieties to choose from.

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