The China Coffee Connection

Whats that you smell brewing in China now?
This year’s coffee report calls for major production improvement and output record levels for Chinese coffee producing countries. The Chinese output will so far exceed expected output that it will also cause the world’s production to exceed expectant levels.
Still will the excess coffee the wholesale prices continue to increase. However as demand is not able to keep up with supply look for prices to plummet. Also the quality of the Chinese coffee is far less that its South American counterparts. Many consider Costa Rica, Brazil and Columbia to have the finest coffee in the world. The China coffee is not even close in terms of quantity or quality and much of the Chinese coffee is a robusta bean. The Latin America coffee countries only produce Arabica bean which is a far superior bean. The Chinese coffees are also lacking in the production of certified organic coffee. The Chinese coffee is very young and needs some time to mature. Also it is very small but as it grows and people are able to share techniques and resources watch out.China could become a major player like they are in the tea market and most of the other manufacturing. They definitely have the climate and mountains and other national resources. And the people. And the people with the resolve to get it done. And the economy of scale to make it a success. Watch out Columbia.
World coffee production in the current season will be greater than previously expected and will set a record, the Agriculture Department said today. In its weekly report on world agriculture, the FDA department put the global coffee crop at over 96 million bags, up 1.3 million from the previous forecast and over ten percent or approximately over 12 million bags above last year's crop.
Improved prospects inAfrica, the leading coffee-growing countries was the main factor in the higher estimate, the report said. Kenya and Nigeria commented that short term agriculture programs were finally taking effect and helping with production. Other cited factors included improved water, water supply and consistent water along with improved farming techniques and farming co-ops. The farming co-ops allowed farmers to share resources and best practices which allowed much improvement in production levels.
China currently grows coffee in the Yunnin province - in the far southwest corner. Near Tibet you have some great mountain regions and a ton of rain. And shade grown would not be an issue. Chinese coffee - it even has a nice ring to it.

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