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Looking forward to buying your first one or two single cup coffee makers? Now may be the best time, as many great models are on the market. However, what do you look for and where's the best place to shop for one and most importantly, what is a good price for one? This article will answer all of that and more for you. It's not always easy to shop for new kitchen appliances especially one that generously helps you wake up in the morning. I am talking about the all important, coffee pot. Not just any coffee maker will suffice for those of us on the move daily and constantly. People like us need a single cup coffee maker, and we need it to brew the best cup of coffee fast. The hardest part is knowing exactly what to look for in a new brewing system.

The first thing you want to look for is the quality. Unfortunately, if you're buying online it might be difficult to tell how good the quality is. Names like Keurig and Black and Decker are a good place to start. Usually the names brands bring good quality products. They have to, otherwise they wouldn't be where they are at right now.

After you've found a name brand to investigate further you'll want to look at the specifications for the product. You'll want to make sure it has adjustable brew sizes from at least 7.25 oz. to 9.25 oz. This way your cup of coffee doesn't always has to be a small tea cup it can be a little larger. If your product doesn't show anything about a coffee brew size, start looking for another.

Next, make sure it has a removable reservoir. This will allow you to fill the water tank and only have to fill it again when you are running low on water. This feature will save you a lot of time and make your single cup coffee maker fully worth the price. Along with the reservoir tank a drip tray will come in handy. A drip tray allows you to sit your cup on the tray and if coffee splashes or drips its collected into the tray itself.

Then, check the power supply. Make sure that the single cup coffee maker you're looking at has at least 1200 or 1500 watts of power. This allows the coffee maker to weather the storm and not die out to quickly. Furthermore, make sure it's approved for household use, most are but it's always worth a check.

Added features that make single cup coffee makers nice are touch buttons and LCD back lit panels. The touch buttons allow you to brew a cup of coffee with the simply push of a button. Meanwhile, the back lit LCD display allows you to see the control panel of your coffee machine in the early morning hours when sight is probably the last thing on your mind.

Following the above steps will help you find a great product every single time. Read your product and select wisely. Never forget a good company will offer a 30 day money back guarantee or more on their appliances and single cup coffee makers are no exception.

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