Salt, Teabags and Coffee - Home Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink eye is a condition for which the eye or eyes experience an acute conjunctivitis characterized by the redness in the eyeball and the eyelids. This is known to be the resultant of too much stress in the eyes' small nerves, which then triggers the inflammation of the entire eyeball. Another known cause of this ailment is the bacterial infection that may inflict the eye tissues. This eye disorder is airborne and contagious.

In the tropical areas, people are more prone to developing pink eye (sore eyes) during summer. Usually, they tend to cover their eyes with dark eyeglass, believing that this would stop the scattering of the bacteria, thus diminishing the transmission effect of the airborne bacteria.

Moreover, a simple home remedy for pink eye includes the use of the ingredient salt, water and cotton balls. It is wise that this salt and water solution be first applied once the first symptoms of the skin disease occur.

First, water must be boiled in a pan. Then set aside to warm. After this, add considerable amount of salt then stir. Afterwards, put the cotton balls into the bottom of the pan, wait until the boiled water cools down to normal room temperature. It is important that the cotton balls are sunk deep into the liquid in order to get as much salt as they may absorb. Following this, get one of the wet cotton balls.

Lie down, facing upwards. Close your eyes and place the salted cotton balls on top of your infected eye. Remain in this position for about 5 minutes. The salted water will penetrate into your eyes, this will hurt a bit but hold on for this process is designed purposely to kill the infection. You may even see the running salt on the surface of your eyes, but this is not harmful. This home remedy for pink eye is known to be one of the simplest yet among the most effective.

Quite a number of pink eye patients claim that tea bags work especially well for most sore eyes cases, specifically the black tea bags. This solution may also be combined with some amount of honey.

You may either ball the tea bag or soaked it in a hot glass of water. If you are to use honey, pour the ingredient after the water boiled (a glass of water will do). Mix the solution.

Prepare some pieces of tissue paper fold them into 1 by 3 inches strip. Wash your hands and dip the corner of the folded tissue paper, afterwards squeeze a few drops of the mixture into the infected eye.

An alternative manner in doing this is to place the tea bag on the top of your sored eyes for several minutes. Both processes may hurt a bit, producing a little discomfort but continue doing this for two minutes. You may feel that the area surrounding your eyes may fill quite sticky, but don't rinse it for five minutes. Repeat this procedure for two days and you will feel better and will see clearly after the treatment. This may also save your eyes from further infections.

On the other hand, another home remedy for pink eye may need the use of a few pinches of coffee boiled in small amount of water. Drop some of this solution on your infected eye. Allow the coffee mixture to glide don through your eyeball. You may experience some dryness on your eye tissue this is normal. After a few minutes, rinse your ayes with tap water then add considerable amount of eye drops.

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