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If you are in the market for a coffee maker, there are many styles from which you may choose. The most common is the coffee maker, but there are also cappuccino and espresso machines to consider. With the onslaught of "gourmet" coffee houses in America, many people who have been exposed to more than the regular cup of black coffee are deciding to make their coffee at home in more specialized ways.
Espresso and cappuccino makers are vastly more expensive than their coffee making counterparts, usually at least 10 times higher for a basic home model and 100 times more and up for a serious commercial brand. Popular brands of espresso machines are Saeco, and Brasilia.
Espresso is made by forcing pressurized water through coffee beans that have been ground into a powder. Cappuccino is made by combining the espresso with steamed milk. If you would like to make these at home, an espresso machine is for you. Also, fresh beans and a grinder should be utilized to ensure the utmost in freshness. There are any number of grinders available as well, from motorized electric grinders, to hand held press grinders. Online sites can detail many of the qualities of each machine to help you make the best decision for your espresso making needs.
There are more than 14 million coffee makers purchased in the United States every year. Coffee makers, especially when compared to their espresso making partners, are relatively inexpensive. Many popular brands of these machines include Braun, Black and Decker, Mr. Coffee and Krupp. They do basically the same job, but at lesser temperatures and without the pressure. Hot water is simply filtered through ground coffee beans into a carafe. The carafe can be either thermal or glass.
Thermal carafes are nice because they can in some cases keep coffee hot for more than 12 hours, without the use of an external heating element. Glass carafes sit within the coffee maker on top of a hot plate and usually stay hot for a couple of hours, but the amount of coffee in a clear glass carafe is always visible and apparent.
Cost is not always the major consideration when buying a perfect coffee maker for your home. Many independent research companies have pointed out that the most important part of making good coffee comes from buying the right coffee to put into the maker, not purchasing one specific model over another. If you would like to pay more, make sure that you are getting features for your money, like auto shut off and timer capabilities. It is very nice to be able to program your coffee to greet you already made in the morning.

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