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If you've ever wondered how to make the perfect pot of coffee you aren't alone. With so many coffee makers, brewers, and cappuccino makers many people often wonder if they are making the best quality cup of coffee that they are capable of brewing. By taking some steps into consideration, you can ensure that your next pot of coffee is the best that it can be.

First, a great pot of coffee begins with good water. If your water is of poor quality, it is recommended that you use spring or bottled water. If you don't have either available, you should use a pitcher or water filtering system. This will help remove impurities from the water and will enable you to make a great pot of coffee. Once you have the water under control, you need to make sure that the water is cold, not hot, when you put it into the coffee maker. Cold water is purer because all of the impurities will settle to the bottom of the jug or pitcher, so keep your filtered or purified water refrigerated, before adding it to the coffee maker.

Next, you'll find that your coffee will be best if it is freshly ground rather than coffee that has previously been ground. Coffee beans are rich in flavor as well as volatile oils. Once the beans are ground, there is no escaping losing some of those vital oils. No matter how securely you seal the bag, you will lose freshness, flavor, and some aroma. The best way to ensure that you make the perfect pot of coffee is to grind fresh coffee beans, as you need them.

Now that you understand how important it is to use freshly ground beans, you may be wondering how much you should grind. The general rule of thumb is to use two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water you are going to brew. You don't have to be stingy with the coffee grounds either. Many people add a little bit more coffee to make it stronger, or if they prefer a weaker blend, they use slightly less. However, using two tablespoons per six ounces of water is the standard rule.

Additionally, it is recommended that you never reheat coffee in the microwave. It is preferable to make as much coffee as you need to drink at one time. Again, the general rule is that within twenty to thirty minutes, coffee will begin to lose its flavor, so be sure to make enough to last within for up to half an hour.

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